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Prehistoric dinosaur dung, a.k.a. a coprolite. Source: Public domain

How Did Fossilized Dino Droppings Spark a Dung Rush?

Coprolite, also known as prehistoric poo, has been highly prized since its discovery in the 19th century. Regarded as a priceless treasure-trove by paleontologists and archaeologists alike, mining...
The world famous York Viking poop fossil or Lloyds Bank coprolite that is about 900 years old.	Source: Linda Spashett/ Wikimedia

The Lloyds Bank Coprolite: The Importance of One Huge Viking Poop

The scenic city of York in England has a lot to be proud of. The city, in one form or another has been nestled between the Ouse and Foss rivers for over 2,000 years. It has a rich history dating back...
Ancient humans were eating snakes and lizards 15,000 years ago. Source: boyloso / Adobe Stock

Ancient Humans Sat Down to Meals of Snakes and Lizards

A team of Israeli researchers have discovered the first evidence of ancient humans eating snakes and lizards as part of their diet. The University of Haifa archaeologists say 15,000 years ago...
Scientists are using AI to distinguish between ancient poo left by prehistoric humans and dogs. Source: Wallpaper Flare

The Origin of Poop: AI to Predict Source of Ancient Feces

Archaeologists have applied the principals of AI to distinguish between ancient human and dog poo, cleaning up a storm of scientific confusion over the matter. Looking deep into the future, in...
The ancient city of Çatalhöyük

Ancient Feces Reveal Parasites Plagued 9,000-Year-Old City of Catalhoyuk

Garbage dumps are always exciting places for archaeologists. They often tell us the stories that are hidden or seen as unimportant to share with future generations, but these tales provide...
Whole rattlesnake found in human-produced coprolites.

Whole Rattlesnake Including Fangs Found Inside Lump of Fossilized Human Poo

Rattlesnake fangs are known to deliver hemotoxic venom which destroys human tissue causing disrupted blood clotting (necrosis and coagulopathy). But scientists have found one encased inside a human-...
Archaeologists Match 300-Year-Old Clump of Fecal Matter to the Bishop that Made it

Archaeologists Match 300-Year-Old Clump of Fecal Matter to the Bishop that Made it

What is in a turd? It all depends on the era that it was produced in, the person’s status in society, and of course what he ate beforehand. It turns out if you were eating at the table of the bishop...