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Time machine destinations

I'm somewhat new here and I'm thinking many other history fanatics THINK LIKE ME....I know my semi-grown kids and siblings do not.

I spend a lot of time dreaming of visiting the past and planning where I'd go....Anyone else think like that? Where would you go? What mystery would you solve? What wrong might you undo... If you could go anywhere, anytime back to the creation of the universe...and come back with that knowledge, intact. Only 3 stops, taking one thing back or one thing forward.. carry-ons only

I have a long destination list that I've considered such as....  

1) to find Hilters mothers place that night of conception and throw rocks at the windows. Just imagine the consequences of that!

 2) to knock on Newtons door with E= MCwhatever,  and get him talking.                                                                           

3) to spend the night in a tent NEAR the Mountain of the Dead, Feb. 1959.                                                      

However my real cravings are for deep history, so my short list is to... ON (not above) the sailing vessel for the last couple days as certain Polynesian group found and set foot on a distant island  never, ever seen by a human being... If you have ever flown around the south Pacific and have not been stupified over this, you're not right. These places are just specs, it's all just an unimaginable accomplishment....of course once we've arrived, I'll show them the compass in my pocket.  

....spend a long weekend with Jesus Christ. I am actually an open minded atheist, but he is certainly one of the 3 most important people who ever walked this planet. Not sure what I'll say but I want to see if he writes his name in the sand when he pees? Other manly such things? Would this be a mortal sin or just a regular one? And could you PLEASE do something with this hunk of stale bread I'm carrying around. Seriously I want to know the man. one of the workers placing the capstones on the great pyramid, making the climb (however they did this)  to the top and down again on that last day, and being a part of whatever ceremony follows....I want to then find a set of blueprints and when I get back to here and now, go straight to that poor man in France working from a closet on this mystery and say "here, this is for you"  

If you think I'm JUST trying to be funny here you'd be wrong...I dream of this stuff to a point it actually interferes with my daily productivity. I can almost taste the saltwater and feel the sunburn.  But I'm surrounded by people who just do not get it....Right now my brother is raving over some new app while watching millionaires hitting a ball with a from another continent. I merely have the knowledge of the cumulative knowledge of mankind in my shirt pocket...Does anybody get all this? What we humans have done in a couple thousand years is all just taken for granted by the ignorant majority.


wow, .It's all just head pounding stuff.

So anyway, where would you go? 




Time Machine

First of all, you could only be an observer, not a participant. If you were a participant, the current present would not exist.

I would be interested in the life forms which no longer exist. The early creatures, from the dinosaurs, up to the pleistocene megafauna and of course our ancestors from the early bipeds, to the denisovans and neanderthals etc.

ahhh...the butterfly effect..

ahhh...the butterfly effect...I loved that movie, and you're dead on right. Observation only. You might have just saved the world as we know it...good thing or bad.

Wishing I knew a little more....

I'd like to go back and

I'd like to go back and observe humans evolving into Homo sapiens so I would know without doubt where we came from.  I'd also like to go back to the time of the great civilization in Chaco Canyon, NM and discover what that site truly was.  Finally, I'd like to go back in time to when Pumapunku was being built to see who built it and for what purpose.

As for your wishes to go back and meet JC I don't think your questions pose a mortal sin.  Perhaps just a regular one LOL.  I'd be interested to know what you find regarding this.

Sadly, many people today have their priorities mixed up if they have any at all.  They tend to be obsessed with electronic toys and social media as the world falls apart (ie:  starvation, disease, global warming, etc).  In many ways humankind has come to a sad state of afairs today in which the unimportant has become important and visa versa.  Up is now down and down is now up?  And you're absolutely right.  There is a metaphorical cave bear at our cave entrance that needs to be slain before we, the human race, become its next meal.  

Great post and topic dhatz!



I've been dying to know who

I've been dying to know who exactly shot JFK and I'd love to meet Tesla, but that's not traveling back very far in the great scheme of things. I guess I would love to witness the gods and goddesses on various cultures in their respective hayday...of course I'd wanna swing by the Pyramids, Easter Island, and check out the Mayans. Also....childhood dream of riding a Dinosaur...


Roberto as usual you are right on point. So much of our current society is upside down and backwards. I have the electronic devices I need but nothing over the top fancy--i don't need my phone to tie my shoes, just make and receive calls and texts. I've also taking to trying to learn how to make more things and do more things on my own. 


Great topic though! Thanks for sharing!

love, light and blessings



 JFK assasination ??? Do you mean who was behind Oswald? Or just not convinced he pulled the trigger??  In general I'm comfortable with the majority on this.... that he acted alone and without provocation by the there another viable theory I don't know about??

Wishing I knew a little more....

You seem really awesome and

You seem really awesome and your profile picture is awesome.

Peace and Love,


Time Machine

My thoughts or dreams were always geared towards the great technological mysteries, how and WHY. My one carry-on, would be a digital camera.  The difficulty would be in pin pointing a specific date and duration of any visit.

1. Egypt.  The cutting and transporting of the monster stone blocks.  2. Puma Punku for the same reasons and to gain understanding of the sites purpose.  3. I would like speak to the stone carvers of Angkor Wat. (I do understand the butterfly effect, but....  this is MY time machine)
4. Atlantis(when and where is in question)  5. Iraq in 4000bc.  6. Pre-glacial Antarctica so see if it was inhabited and by whom.  7.  Mack Brazel's ranch on July 7, 1947.  8.  I'd also like to vist the pueblo culture that occupied New Mexico.  9.  I'd like to share a good bourbon and conversation with Neil Armstrong. Maybe give him a little bump of sodium pentothal to make him gabby. 10. The Philadelphia Navel Shipyard on October 28, 1943.  11.  I'd like to watch where pirate captain Jean Lafitte buries his loot.  Strictly educational.

So many places, so little time.

I'm actually going to Puma

I'm actually going to Puma Punku in a few months.  It is a fascinating site!  I'd like ot know exactly who built it too as I find it hard to believe that men with ancient stone/bone tool kits could have achieved as much percision that exists in the stone ruins there.  

But wouldn't you have all the

But wouldn't you have all the time with a time machine? While you're gonna age still I'm assuming it doesn't take long to move between times and space. 

love, light and blessings


Time Machine

Area 51 or S4 have some device called the Looking Glass where you can view future events.


I do think a lot like you. I

I do think a lot like you. I dream about the past, present, and future all day every day. That in itself is time trival. If you dream about it so intense that you are there in your mind, then you have accomplished time travel if you think about it. And anyone who says that is a bad thing is an idiot and needs to mind their own business.

But if I could time travel in the physical realm, my three destinations are as follows but are not limited to:

1. 1862 in Texas. I want to meet my Rebel ancestor and ask him what he is fighting for. I'm more than glad that the abolishment of slavery was a result of the Civil War, but there is a lot more to the Civil War than just slavery and states rights. Anybody who dissagrees is blind.

2. Anytime in the Americas before 1492. I want to live with and learn from my Hopi (probably Zuni) ancestors in a time before Chris Columbus and his band of savages came and destroyed this beautiful land and all its people.

3. Ancient China, when and whereever Lao Tzu is at the time. I would to talk with Lao Tzu.

Peace and Love,