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Homo heidelbergensis

You are absolutely right John Dale.  Although the majority of male individuals of this species are believed to have averaged about 5 ft 9 in (1.75 m) in height NUMEROUS fossil bone remains of this species indicate that in some H heidelbergensis populations males routinely stood over 7ft (2.13 m) tall making them "giants."  Some of these giant remains have been found in South Africa and date between 500,000 and 300,000 years old.  We do not know if they were hairless or if they were covered with body hair.  If covered with hair from head to toe they very well could be a prime candidate for Sasquatch IMO.


Afrian giants

Roberto, someone should try to extract and prepare the nu DNA ( or even the mt DNA) from some of those bones. I think it will bring some chocking news, not having much to do with Homo Heidelberginsis at all. Even without yet knowing the sequense of Homo Heidelbergensis from Europe, I still think it will bring quite a chock to the society.   


New Ketchum study


Dr Ketchum have reached her target for the fund raising on the whole genome sequensing of severall different fossil samples. Theese include the so called "Redheaded giants" "Paracas elongated sculls" and others. The research will possibly show if there is any relationships to humans and or Bigfoots. The preparation of the DNA is allready succesfully performed, so the results will come and it will not take five years of struggle with main stream magazines this time!

I will put my bet on that she will find some relationship between the Paracas elongated sculls and Bigfoot apart from the possible human one. But it is a wild guess for the fun of it.  


In order to keep posted on the developments you can view her public fb page.





I was in Katmandu in the winter of 88-89, and there met several mountaineers and a few trekkers. I can remember one story told me though, that remained in my mind, first due to the matter-of-fact casualness with which it was told, but also because I knew it was true.

Five trekkers had managed to get lost and went for shelter as night fell towards the side of a hill, but could find nowhere, and it was blowing hard and snowing hard too and they had inadequate tents.

Just as they were at  the point of giving up their search  they saw ahead of them three figures gesturing them to follow them, which  they just did, until they found themselves in a cave in the hillside.

The figures in fact were yeti, whom  they told me cared for them over a couple of days until the weather cleared up enough for them to leave.

I expect I was told other things as well, but that's all that stuck in my mind.

Peter that's an amazing story

Peter that's an amazing story! Thanks for sharing. I find Bigfoot encounters and sitings to be so int eresting. I think I'm in love with the idea of Bigfoot. Somehow it just makes sense!

love, light and blessings



It has occurred to me that there could be a link between this phenomenon and the peoples with the elongated skulls, prompted by the remains of the hair on one photographed and shown here, and known filmed big apes such as Gorillas that might just explain the impression of a similar height mass and size, although of course, it could be an athletically slim creature with a lot of body hair.

The other possibility is that we are occasionally being given visions. They are there, certainly, and their apparent reality is undeniable, as I know, but as with ghosts, they are not materially solid mortal flesh and bones as we are.

The elk did not panic or run off, Roberto, as they would have otherwise done, had large apes, or bears, or pranksters in suits been there.

Remember what your grandfather said "They are not men". Just take that idea as far as it goes....

I've heard similar stories

I've heard similar stories from other people and frankly I wonder why no evidence?  Some of the tales I've heard are very fantastical.  Maybe they did happen.  Maybe the stories were embellished.  Maybe they didn't happen at all.  Who knows?  If it were me I'd collect some evidence.  A hair perhaps or something with their saliva on it.  

BF researchers have told me that some "tribes" of BF raise elk from the time they are born and use them for food like humans use and raise cattle.  That may be so as it appears some BF are plant eaters while others are meat eaters.  Different species of BF?  Perahps.  What I saw with my grandfather appeared to me to be creatures part ape and part man.  In fact, I considered them to be "cave men."  I find a lot of typical ape behavior in BF reports and sightings such as the use of stick (spears), using rocks to crack open nuts, the throwing of stones or shaking of slim trees (usually a sign of being curious or irritated), and tree knocking (typically a warning sign that you'd better get the hell out of the area or face attack).  Another thing I've noticed is when BF does attack, which is rare, it appears to build up to a state of aggressiveness prior to the attack in much the same way a gorilla or chimp does.  Seldom do chimps or gorillas attack without such a build up.  

There are many mysteries in this world and I constantly remind myself of something taught by the Masters of the Far East.  That is that this world is "maya" meaning "illusion."  What we may think is, is not, and what we may think is not, IS.  I am open minded and even open to the possibility that BF is something completely different from what researchers think.  Even perhaps something very esotreric.  However, as a primatologist I see a lot of similarity between reported BF behavior and great ape behavior.  And then, of course, is the BF DNA study conducted not long ago by Veternarian Dr Ketchum.  She and her team concluded that BF comes from a human mother and "unknown hominid father."  I find her results highly interesting.  And what is this "unknown hominid father"?  I strongly suspect it may be some hominid as yet undiscovered by science.  Of course, there is also the Gigantopithecus theory too.  BF could be some variant species of Gigantopithecus blacki which, if so, then BF is clearly in the ape category and not human.  

IF Bigfoot, Yeti, Yowie, etc is part human then what we are dealing with is likely an ancient and surviiving ancient human ancestor in my opinion.  That would be absolutely fascinating to me.  And such a thing may be a high possibility as we have found that the evolution of humans has NOT been one of one species of ancient human existing replaced by another.  In fact, the evolutionary record tells us that several species of hominids coexisted as the norm.  For modern humans to think that only Homo sapiens exist today is rather arrogant and short-sighted as such a condition would be going against the apparent norm.  

Thank you for your interesting comments Peter.



I have never seen Bigfoot, but I do believe they exist. There are just to many ancient accounts of "Wildmen", or "Hairymen" for them to figments of imagination. Native American Indians have many accounts of large hairy men. I find it interesting when I read the accounts of people who claim to have seen Bigfoot, at how similar they are in many respects. A very interesting and facinating subject.

Where in the hell did we come from?

If this creature didn't exist

If this creature didn't exist then we wouldn't be finding tracks, nests, etc, nor would so many people around the world be eyewitnesses to the same thing.  The preponderance of evidence alone proves it is real.  I do NOT believe people are ignorant nor do I believe MOST people don't know what they see with their own eyes.  Additionally, as you point out, ancient accounts of this creature are literally massive in number along with legends, oral traditions, etc.  If you believe the mainstream then you believe that only the "experts" know what they are talking about and the masses of humanity (past, present, and future) have no idea what they are talking about or what they see.  Ridiculous!  Let us keep in mind it was not that long ago when the "experts" were claiming the earth was flat and if man were made to fly he'd have wings.  Oh yes, and they also claimed the earth was the center of the universe and everything revolved around it.  LOL and as it turned out they were dead WRONG!