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Chaco Canyon Mystery

Chaco Canyon is located in Northwestern New Mexico, USA.  It's an astounding site with ruins like no other in the US.  In fact, the site could easily fit into ruins typically found in Mexico, Central America, and South America.  The first time I visited the site was years ago.  At that time there was a small museum and one lady running it.  The site was open and you could walk around among the ruins anywhere you wanted even going down into the Kivas.  So we did and it was amazing!  

The museum had a fossilized child's remains on display as well and it was interesting to say the least.  We walked through the ruins of the canyon and I could not help but notice how precise the stones fit together and how well planned and aligned this ancient community was.  Wide roads ran out to every direction from the site and some even ran down into southern Arizona and Mexico.  The roads were lit by fires at night providing ancient street lighting.  

Clearly, Chaco Canyon was something significant, something important, and even something unusual and perhaps even out of place.  Mainstream archeologists claim the site was built by the Anazasi and may have well ended due to war, or climate change, and cannibalism.  But that is NOT what Native American and Tribal archaeologists say!

Chaco Canyon is a Pueblo Native American site and in their language the world "Anazasi" means "enemy." They are offended by mainstream archaeologists use of the the term to refer to the people who once lived in the community and built it.  Further, they are offended by the assertion that the community ended due to cannibalism, and rightly so.  Trying to portray ancient peoples as "savages" and "barbarians" is getting a bit old especially in light of the FACT that the archaeological evidence proves otherwise!  Savages could not have built the Chaco Canyon site.  Some sophisticated population obviously built it using their knowledge of community planning, farming, engineering, and astronomy.  Those are not activities engaged in by savage people but they are activities commonly engaged in by a people with intelligence and a sense and desire for civilization.

As I walked through the site during my first visit there years ago I was nothing short of amazed.  I had never seen ruins in the US like this before and by that time I had seen plenty of ruins.  Today you are no longer allowed to roam through the site freely.  Of course, part of the reason for this is in order to preserve the site but I can't help but wonder if that is the only reason.  I got a clear sense that something important was once at Chaco Canyon.  Something amazing!  Sadly, as with all other sites like it we will never know, that is, until we STOP living in our state of denial and START taking the evidence for what it is and indicates.  And that evidence does NOT indicate that ancient peoples were a pack of savages, period!!  In fact, just the opposite is indicated and modern humans in this 21st century need to get off of their ego trip and realize ours is NOT the first high civilization.




The first time I heard the

The first time I heard the word Anazasi was on an episode of the X-Files. I'm beginning to realize where some of my childhood fascinations came from!

love, light and blessings



I first visited the site in the late 1950's.  There was only one kiva unearthed.  It inspired my lifelong facination with ancient peoples.  I knew then that this was built by a people of great skill and knowledge.  I would love to see it now and hope to do so in the next few years.