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Please introduce yourself

We'd love to hear more about our readers. Please introduce yourself here and if you wish, let us know what ancient themes you are most interested in and how you first got inspired to learn about our ancient past. 




Forums are a great idea, should make for interesting conversations!  I most enjoy Egyptian, Roman and Native American history.  I started reading about it when I was quite young when I found a book about Hatshepsut and I was hooked for life.  

I love this site because I learn something new every time I open it.



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Hello, I am new to this forum. I am a developer and tech writer with 5 years of experince in this feild. I am happy to join this forum.


Chitra Mishra

Hi there!

What a wonderful site. I am so happy to have discovered it and am learning so many new things. I became interested in ancient Egypt when I was 10years old. I love to read about ancient civilisations.


My interest is in Ancient Near Eastern history and Archaeology. I am interested in Human origins, Prehistory, Linguistic change and British History and Archaeology. 

I became fascinated by the Indus Valley civilisations and by Palaeontological discoveries in China. 


Rwth of the Cornovii

Follow up

I have had to reregister now that I have forgotten what my old password was.

I have little patience with the gee whiz element, but there is certainly something around trying to keep a hold on the slavery of humanity.

Les Williams
Hi all, love the idea of a

Hi all, love the idea of a forum. My interest is time and its misuse in archaeology, things that couldn't happen and then proof changes it all!

The Atlantis Discussion

Hello Les, I’m Dennis.

I do research on Atlantis and would like to start a discussion about its location. After researching Atlantis for many years, I can now recognize all of the terrain features Plato wrote about. Thanks to internet-maps we can visit all of the places he described. All the information is in the Americas. I am at the forum under Myths and Legends - Atlantis. Join the discussion!


Derek Smith

Hi all,

My area of interest is OOPARTs as evidence of the earlier existence of an intelligence greater than our own. I rationalised that this could have either been some other species which developed an advanced intelligence and then wiped themselves out (as we seem likely to) or as evidence of intervention by an intelligent alien species which has since left our planet.

But today, new science on evolution is showing that the Darwinian principle of compounding micro evolution is wrong, and that evolution happens in jumps created by hybridisation. Then as the new hybrid improves its fertility by stabilising its genome, it becomes increasingly more uniform (and less genetically dynamic), until eventually it fails to respond to some environmental change and is driven into extinction.

We humans are a very young hybrid (as evidenced by our low fertility and high genetic diversity), and as natural selection favours fertility, it is stripping away attributes which do not translate directly into offspring. Sadly, intelligence is one such attribute - we become less and less intelligent with every passing generation.

This is in direct contradiction to the Darwinian view that we are at the very pinnacle of evolution and that all before us were less intelligent.

The hybridisation view holds that our first ancestors had, amongst other traits, a far higher level of intelligence than we now enjoy today. But that is not to confuse knowledge with intelligence. Today, we have amassed an immense knowledge base that we are able to leverage, even with our lesser intelligence, to effectively command virtually every other life form on the planet.

Highly intelligent ancestors without access to our advanced knowledge of science and technology, would have been able to develop the astronomical and practical achievements that so tantalise us through the few residual OOPARTS that have survived time and the duplicity of other humans.

I hope that this forum will enable other questioning minds to consider and challenge this source of OOPART technology.




Derek, do you think as we lose one type of intelligence, perhaps we develop other types? As intelligence allows us  to accumulate knowledge, do you think perhaps the collective society is taking over from the individual? I wonder.


“Sadly, intelligence is one such attribute - we become less and less intelligent with every passing generation. . . ”

I disagree on this one point – I don’t believe humans’ “Intelligence” is deteriorating naturally.  I believe our lack of respect for “education” is more at fault.  No one seems (to me) to care any more how good/bad/indifferent an education their children get, believing, wrongly, I believe, that there will always be “a call for ‘manual’ labor”.  

Oh, yes, almost forgot:  define OOPARTS, PLEASE.

And, I, too, disagree with Darwin on the subject of the humans’ “superiority”.



Auntie G


This is an awesome idea..! I have loved anthropology/archaeology since I was very did my grandmother and my father, and now my granddaughter wants to be an anthropologist! I am interested in all things ancient, with emphasis on Biblical, Native American, and cradle of civilization areas..

Hi folks, I'm Howie. Sit me

Hi folks, I'm Howie. Sit me in a library and soon enough you can use the security cameras to watch me bombard my way towards the archaeology/mythology section. I just love to read about other ways of living than my own from across ages and times. This site has it all and I'm thankful to the admin for posting great content every single day. Writing a novel about the treasures of King Arthur just for a bit of fun. Maybe one day we'll see a post about real Arthurian treasures. Have great days, folks. Until next time. 

Arthur's Treasure

Throughout History, there has been the quest for ‘wealth’.  In Orehistory it a[ppears to be the power to place inferior beings under an obligation to us through competitive gift giving. I think we still do it in celebrating seasons and between nations.  I think on looking back at Arthur, his treasure lay more in the concept of chivalry, the Round Table, copied later by the Order of the Garter and the Rotarian movements. Gold and jewels can only be enjoyed by displaying them melting them down to buy goods (and slaves) or just to prevent others from seeing them. 


My name is Judy. I stumbled on this webste a few months ago and have enjoyed many of your articles.  I'm looking forward to the upcoming app as well.  Of particular interest to me is genetic studies in human origins, especially w/r/t Neandertal evolution and extinction.  Good luck with these forums. 


As a 67 year old independent researcher of Euro-Slavic religion , I am pleased to find a forum such as this, and anticipate its growth will be of benefit to many of us.

Håkon Haraldsson



I am an Euro-Slavic lady; can I anyhow help you in your research?

My language is the middle-south-slav: croatian, bosnian, serbian. I can add slovenian too. I studied yugoslav languages and literature on Zagreb Faculty of Philosophy. 

Have you studied the work of Natko Nodilo?

I don't know weather his book "Old faith of Serbs and Croats" is translated; here is the whole book in croatian language:

Nodilo reconstructed the old slav faith. I am sure there's a lot of his research on Internet, remember this name.

 Have you heard of old god named Vid, Svantevid? ("vid" means "the sight", "vision"; Svantevid=saint sight)). People cheated christians by finding not a well known saint named Vid and dedicated him hundreeds of christian chapels, churches, sacred hills, mountains etc. Toponims say a lot: I live next to the hill in whose wood is old nearly abandoned church of st Vid, and the hill is named "Heaven".  



Hi all, am from Malta, came across Ancient Origins site a few months ago, when you featured the Hypogeum of Hal Saflieni, got me hooked to the site have enjoyed reading your input, there is always something of interest and new to learn.


hi, moira. i found this article quite interesting too. do let us know when you find more stories about this place. thanks. 

Michael ledo

I have done my own research on the origins of ancient religion and have concluded that all religions started out as astro-religions. The ancient writings are stories about the constellations. The Middle East and Europe share a bond in their myths. I am not a believer in ancient aliens, Atlantis Mu, or highly technical advanced civilizations. I do believe the cosmic myth knowledge has been partially lost, but it is easy to figure out and regain (Insert Plug: "On Earth as it is in Heaven: The Cosmic Roots of the Bible.")

The fact that man was so fascinated by astrology has lead some to the belief of ancient aliens in the pseudo-science world.

I am also well versed in "Chariots..." "12th Planet", Velikovsky, hollow earth theory, HAB theory, and the Bible. I don't believe in bulk of what is written in those texts. I look forward to lively friendly debate and exchange of ideas.

Hi! :)

My name is Angie. I'm 29 years old, married with a daughter and a big ole puppy dog. My husband and I started this journey into learning about ancient history together. I personally enjoy reading articles and watching documentaries about a variety of topics. I have a special place in my heart for math and sacred geometry. I guess I want to learn about all the things I didn't learn in school...and when my daughter grows up, I want to teach it to her...even if it leads to the teacher sending notes home from school asking me to "go along with" Christopher Columbus discovering America. Lol...

love, light and blessings



Hey Guys.  :)



First I'd like to say what a fantastic site this it! I really enjoy reading the articles and it's great that there's a place to share views and further explore those subjects relating to History / Our Origins and all the associated subjects that fascinate so many of us. Very topical for the rapidly changing times that we live in.

I've always believed that you cannot understand your own identity and place in the world without studying what has come before.

My name is bod - and I love history (particularly of the British Isles and Ireland), folklore, earth mysteries and self-discovery. I also love the artifacts and structures of our ancestors and have a passion for creating things from wood and stone ( I have a website )

Thank you for creating such a wonderful source of interesting articles!



Sculptures, carvings & artwork inspired by a love of history & nature:



Great Site

 Hi I am Dewi from Wales and  I came across the site on  The articles here are facinating and most informative. Many thanks to Aprilholloway for the articles which have opened up many new area of information for me about a wide range of subjects. I have found  most of the articles that have appeared interesting  but especially European,Middle Eastern and Asian history . Thank you for this great site.


hi. i found this site a few months ago. i really enjoy talking and reading about anything ancient. hope we all grow from what we find here.

Archeology and the mysteries of the planet earth!

I always wondered what it would be like digging in the ruins and discovering the secrets of the past. The mystery of the monoliths and the ancient texts what is it all about. It's just so mind boggling. Me I'm just an average american who goes to work and pays his bills but for some reason I feel there is a greater purpose for mankind but it was lost and needs to be re-discovered. Maybe someday we will find it and there will be a new age of mankind????


i totally agree. i mean how

i totally agree. i mean how scary and awesome would it be to just take off from your regular life and go on an expedition and find something...stay gone longer than you plan, figure it out as you go....i don't think i should do this right now since my baby is only 9 months but i guess i could strap her on my back...if i could only afford the airfare!

love, light and blessings


Hi There

Hello all

I have been researching Ancient Egyptian Religion and Lifestyle since I was 12 years old, although I still can't read Hyroglyghs.

I am also a Pagan High Elder of the Temple of Khonsu at Karnac, which has been the base of my studies.

I am glad I found this site!

Blessed Be!


Julien FitzGerald - High Elder - Temple of Khonsu



What a find!

I just found this incredible website! So nice to join a great group of people. Looking forward to many fulfilling interactions with other open-minded seekers of Ancient Origins.


"To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield."

Glad to have you aboard, Jim!

Glad to have you aboard, Jim!!!

love, light and blessings


Hello - I'm new here. How

Hello - I'm new here. How long has this site been around? I just happened to stumble across it. I love that this site uses Drupal :)

Hi there! Thank you for

Hi there! Thank you for joining our community. The site has been live for about one and a half years.

The Ancient Origins Team

Hi AO!

Just joined the forum. I like the format and the subject. I am interested in Astronomy and and the Astral Worship of the Ancients. You could say more or less Ancient Alien Theory but I think a lot of that is bunk to be honest.

Hi Ancient Times! Welcome to

Hi Ancient Times! Welcome to our Community!

The Ancient-Origins Team

Thanks. Downloaded your app.

Thanks. Downloaded your app. Sweet! I like it.

An informative site

 I stumbled across this site and I like it already.

So excited to see some new

So excited to see some new people joining us! :) 

love, light and blessings


Hi new to here, love all

Hi new to here, love all things too do with the ancient world


my name is Jeff I am from New Jersey USA I am interested in African history and the origins of humans

Welcome me

I am in New England. My first interest with ancient history, myths and gods came first with Homer. Ancient Architectural design is huge and fascinating to say the least. I am also interested in spiritual energies and conciousness.

Myths are usually a good time.


Hello everyone, 


Id like to intoduce myself to everyone. My name is Ivan Petricevic, I love history and archaeology. I'm fascinated by ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, Aztecs, Incas... I live in Europe and Im an editor at 

See you around :) 



Hello.  I've been exceptionally fascinated with history all of my life, since my uncle gave me a book about Alexander the Great's horse, Bucephalus, when I was a small child, about 8 or 9.  Human beings continue to puzzle and fascinate me.  I mean, can you imagine the magnitude of the cognitive leap it took for the first person to realize that fire could be controlled and used as a tool?  Or the first person to make the connection between weather or circumstance and the possibility of higher beings?  It's all fodder to me.  This site feeds my insatiable curiosity.  I am especially interested in thinking patterns, and cultural evolution, as represented by the arts, including writing.  For convenience' sake, I usually lump religious/spiritual writings in this category.

I’m an archeologist and a

I’m an archeologist and a have studied the conservation science of antiquities, but I have moved to the field of management to make a living, not by choice but that’s what happened.

I’m from Jordan and the majority of study and work was about Jordan with a broader study of the Levant.

I am Arab and Muslim, so if someone needs translation or accurate information about our culture and religion I would be happy to help ( I have found some mistakes in translation from Arabic in some articles).

Looking forward to making new friends and having some interesting conversations :)


Great site….


It started with a chamber...

I grew up in the small New England town of Upton, Massachusetts.  As a kid I would play with my buddies in an old "cave" near the center of town.  As I grew older I learned that the "cave" we had played in was actually an archeological find from the early 1900s, and that it was presumed to have been constructed by Celtics somewhere around 650 AD ( ).  Over the years, other groups have claimed other origins and uses for the chamber, but one thing was always constant; nobody really knew exactly who the builders were.  Over the years, the mystery has kept my interest peeked.

I also spent a lot of time with a friend's family, and his dad was collector of Native American artifacts, most notably a fine collection of arrow points found in our neighborhood.  I always found it fascinating to think of how people lived and utilized their environment before the advent of modern times.  As the years went by, I began walking the footpaths and woods of town looking for signals that earlier man had left behind.

It's just a curiousity, really.  I'm no archeologist, and really, most days, nothing more than an armchair enthusiast.  Duties and time are definitely not on my side at the moment when it comes to getting out in the field.

And that was how I found your site, and look forward to reading others adventures, experiences ad discoveries.

“There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance - that principle is contempt prior to investigation” ~ Herbert Spencer

New Member

Hi everyone, I am an Ancient history fan, mythology, especially ancient Egypt, England, King Henry VIII's time , Mayans, Incas, Aztecs, Native American Indians, and the ancient Middle Eastern times, I always dreamed of being an Archeologist majoring in Egyptology because that was my major interest, but I never followed through. I still dream of going to Egypt and seeing all the ruins and walking through history, I thirst for knowledge about ancient times and how they lived 

Fatima al-Zahra

Welcome to all of the new

Welcome to all of the new people! Excited to see more people joining us for some fun and fascinating articles and discussion! :)

love, light and blessings


New member! :D

Hello, I'm new today, it's the last day of the year! An early happy new year to you! :)

I have an interest in Ancient Civilizations for a long time, mainly about buildings or places, e.g. Machu Picchu and Ancient City Petra, which I hope to travel one day. I'm also interested in weird stuffs like the green children and 7 gates of hell, legends and such. I'm not really sure stuff like Sagrada Familia / Salar De Uyuni / Deadvlei are categorized under, so I'll leave that to you :)



Hi, I'm Mike from Germany...

My interests align about 100% with the material you present here... I'm an arstist, and have for years done illustrations and 3D computer reconstructions of artifacts and archaelogical sites... been passionate about archaeology/origins/previous cultures since I was a child.

I would like to commend you on your choice of topics and the quality of your articles... very stimulating!

I am very happy to have found you.


All the best,






I'm Kinia and am Polish but live in Wales with beautiful boy and ''almost'' husband :) I have masters in biology science and I'm very interested in anything up to medieval times. Any culture, any continent. I'm also interested in anything about space (either solar system or outside)

 I came across this site accidentaly while going trrough news website and I saw article about Alexander's the Great tomb.

I love and would be great if there was any info on any possibilites of volountary jobs on any excavations :D

Done paleonthological excavations in the past, and wouldn't mind to spend my holiday digging out pottery shards and human bones :D


Happy New 2015 Year



Welcome Kinia and Mike! Happy

Welcome Kinia and Mike! Happy new year.