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Nazca Lines DECODED as Great Pyramid Blueprints - Epic Discovery!

For all those wishing understanding and TRUTH - this is my PERSONAL decoding of the Nazca Lines coming to life in full color through the use of Google Earth showing them irrefutably to be the hidden Great Pyramid of Giza blueprints.

This disclosure shows things we as of yet do not know about the Great Pyramid. It is a time for truth, a time for a different world.

Know that it has been presented throughout history that in a distant time a message from the past will arrive and cast Light upon all that is Darkness; this has been deemed by scripture and verified throughout our known history - that time has now come upon OUR generation and the message is of is a time for all to cast aside petty issues, a time for all colors to bleed as one - a time for truth like never before..a time for truth to RISE UP!

This is the third of the three decodings I will present this year. As Nazca is extensive, this is a two part video with the second to presented at the end of May. Part one is a familiarzation to the blueprints and part two discloses areas of the Great Pyramid not yet understood, or found.

Be well all. J.D. Jeffrey

Nazca Lines DECODED as Great Pyramid Blueprints - Epic Discovery

To all those interested – 

I tried a new approach in documentary that seems to be a huge fail, therefore soon the type of documentary all are used to will be avalable in regards to this decoding. Please be patient and forgive my awkward approach to this pertinent information.

As Nazca is extremely detailed and extensive, there is still plenty to finish and decode. Eventually the Google Earth seen in the videos will be Linked to my personal website and all interested will have the opportunity to examine in detail NazCAD or help come finsish in the recreation of this timeless riddle connecting a Line from our history to the past thereby revolutionizing the future.

Be well all.

J.D. Jeffrey.


"Listen without defending - Speak without offending."

Nazca lines

I am somewhat new to the study of the Nazca lines, and became interested in them after finding them on Google Earth. I am a painter/artist and my first impression of the Nazca lines was that this is a 3-D picture drawn in 2-D. A Blueprint is a perfect example of a 3D picture in 2D. I very much enjoyed the information contained in your video and am excited to see the new material and info you share with us. 

An important opservation is to note how the lines are layered, the lower layer line disappears as it passes through a higher layer line. overlap or # hashmarks are never created, thus aluding to a 3rd dimension.

Another thought i had concerning the lines and a possible way to view them, could happen if one needed to stand in a specific spot to see the true/hidden picture. This eliminates the need of having to view the lines from the air, or above or flying. This perspective trick for turning a 2D picture into 3D is best demonstrated in “Sidewalk Art”, where if one is standing in the designated spot they see a 3D realist picture sprawling out in front of them, and when viewed from the wrong direction just looks like a really long-extended, abstract, unintelligible design. This is just a thoght.

One last question for you. What is the southern most examples of Nazca lines and marking have you been able to find. I am just trying to find out just how vast the lines are. My current southern point is at 14* 50’ 14” S, 74* 54’ 06” W. and it was almost destroyed by a farm type house. This is also one of the last sandy platue areas left between the mountian range and ravine. 



There is always another secret

Nazca Lines DECODED as Great Pyramid Blueprints - Epic Discovery

Welcome Ryan – 

As an artist myself, I see you and I understand Nazca from it’s purpose and perspective.

Everything you wrote in regards to Nazca is correct, this information can be found in detail including the ‘Keys’ of how to decode this blueprint on the Official website. Also, your last question can be answered viewing the website  – included are many pictures to help those interested in what it is hidden in sepia desert sand. Enjoy!

Soon the Google Earth viewed in the video will be Linked to the website and we are in search of those who would untertake the task of helping finish these enigmatic the creator and decoder, I personally extend this offer to you Ryan.

The lines were colored so others may see what I see and hidden in plain view..some regardless of the color, can not and never will distinguish the 3D – it’s just the way we are designed...if you wish to share your gift, your help is needed and your advice is welcomed!

You tag line – “There is always another secret” – Nazca is not the end, just the beginning – I have many many other ancients monuments I have decoded to share with humanity.

I have just started and all interested in joining this quest sharing knowledge are welcomed.


"Listen without defending - Speak without offending."