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First Canaanite writing scratched onto an ivory comb. Source: Dafna Gazit/Israel Antiquities Authority

Oldest Written Sentence Found Inscribed on Ancient Head-Lice Comb

One would expect the oldest written words found during archaeological excavations to be carved into the face of a stone tablet, or perhaps into the surface of an ancient stone monument. But they can...
The comb was discovered in Ribe, West Denmark.

Objects with Viking Rune Inscriptions Unearthed in Denmark’s Oldest Town

Ancient objects with rare Viking rune inscriptions have been discovered in Denmark. Experts suggest that the runic inscriptions could possibly shed new light on a very important period of the early...
Vikings Ship

Discovery of Reindeer Antlers in Denmark may Rewrite Start of Viking Age

A team of scholars says their new research is rewriting when and where the Viking age began. The official date for the start of Viking voyages was a 793 AD raid in England. But researchers say people...