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Adaptation to harsh climates and isolated lands helped Late Pleistocene humans outlive other hominins.        Source: Gorodenkoff

Last Hominin Standing: Extreme Adaptation of Late Pleistocene Humans

How is our species unique compared to other hominins? What did Late Pleistocene humans have that their neighbors lacked? They obviously interacted, but Homo sapiens survived when others could not. A...
Main: Indigenous Polynesians. Credit: adrenalinapura / Adobe Stock. Inset: Bananas. Credit: Pongsak / Adobe Stock

Bananas Helped Ancient Lapita Culture Colonize Oceania

Scientists studying the teeth of the ancient Lapita people of Oceania , have found evidence that they survived on bananas, along with seeds and other fruits. This discovery is helping researchers to...
Ingólfr Arnarson, the first settler of Iceland, newly arrived in Reykjavík

New study shows Viking women accompanied men on voyages to colonize far-flung lands

The reputation of the Scandinavian Vikings presents the men as brutal warriors that went off marauding and pillaging from the 800s to 1100s AD along the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean...
Viking Women

Research suggests Viking women accompanied warriors on overseas missions

A study has revealed that previous research examining the gender ratio of Vikings in Medieval England may have underestimated the number of Viking women because they assumed that graves showing...