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The entrance to this ancient Lycian rock-cut tomb in Turkey was recently blasted open with dynamite!		Source: Yenisafak

Looters Blast Open 2500-year-old Lycian Rock-cut Tombs in Turkey

Hoping, perhaps, to lay their hands on something comparable to the famed Elmali Treasures, looters used explosives to break through the entrance of a 2,500-year-old Lycian rock-cut tomb in the Elmali...
The Hanging Coffins of Sagada, Philippines

Unique and Unsettling: The Hanging Coffins of Sagada, Philippines

The Igorots are an indigenous tribe living in Sagada, Luzon Island, Philippines. The Igorots practice unique funerary customs, in which the dead are buried in coffins which are tied or nailed to the...
The O’Brien Tower on the Cliffs of Moher, County Clare. Credit: Ioannis Syrigos

On the Cliffs of Moher Sits O’Brien’s Tower: A Land Where Legends Have Risen and Witches Have Fallen

The Cliffs of Moher are sea cliffs located in County Clare, in the southern Irish province of Munster. These cliffs cover a distance of about 8 km (5 miles), the highest point of which is marked by a...
Cao Cao cites a poem before the Battle of Red Cliffs, portrait at the Long Corridor of the Summer Palace, Beijing

Devastating Defeat for Chinese Warlord in Largest Naval Battle in History

The largest naval battle in history occurred in the winter of 208/9 AD as part of the war for control of China. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers fought - some estimates suggest that the exact number...
Ten Precariously Situated Cliffside Constructions from the Ancient World

Ten Precariously Situated Cliffside Constructions from the Ancient World

Over the centuries, ancient people all over the world have built incredible structures on the sides of cliff faces. Some had a desire to be closer to the heavens and were searching for a sacred...
Ancient Lycian Rock cut Tombs

The ancient Lycians and their spectacular rock-cut tombs

The ancient Lycians are among the most enigmatic people of antiquity because little historical record has been left behind them. But what has been discovered reveals a fascinating people culturally...
Chachapoyas Sarcophagi

Archaeologists may have found children’s cemetery belonging to ‘Warriors of the Clouds’

Last week we reported on the unique culture of the Chachapoyan people, a society of Andean people living in the cloud forests of the Amazonas region of present day Peru, otherwise known as the ‘...