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Cistercian Order

Fountain Abbey grounds enveloped in morning mist, from the Infirmary (DrMoschi /CC BY-SA 4.0)

Fountains Abbey: Ruins And Reminiscences Of Monastic Life In England

The imposing ruins of Fountains Abbey dominate the rural landscape around the village of Aldfield, three miles (4.8 kilometers) west of the town of Ripon in North Yorkshire, England. The largest...
Sweetheart Abbey, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland             Source: Heartland Arts / Adobe Stock

Sweetheart Abbey, a Shrine to a Beautiful Scottish Love Story

Scotland is a picturesque and historic land and the country has a long history with many celebrated landmarks. Sweetheart Abbey, a monastery built in Middle Ages is now in ruins but still remarkable...
Medmenham Abbey.

Medmenham Abbey: When the Monks Left Debauchery and the Hellfire Club Moved In

Medmenham is a village and civil parish located in Wycombe, a district in Buckinghamshire, England. The parish is best-known for its abbey, which was founded during the Middle Ages. As a monastic...