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Mysterious eyes in binary code.  The Great Cipher of Louis XIV had codebreakers stumped for centuries. Source: Kundra / Adobe Stock

Louis XIV’s Great Cipher Baffled Codebreakers Until the 19th Century

In the clandestine corridors of 17th-century France, a remarkable cryptographic system known as the Great Cipher emerged, becoming the go-to code for the French monarch Louis XIV. The genius behind...
Portrait of Mary, Queen of Scots, detail. Inset, Section of one of the 50 scripts, made up of graphical symbols, found by the code breaker team in the National Library of France.   Source: Public Domain /inset; Bibliotheque National de France

Researchers Decode Secret Encrypted Letters of Mary, Queen of Scots

Secret encrypted letters written by Mary, Queen of Scots during her imprisonment in England have been decoded. Having been arrested and charged for plotting to murder her cousin, Queen Elizabeth I,...
The encrypted letter from Charles V. Painting of Charles V by Juan Pantoja de la Cruz. Photo of Mummified corpse of Charles V. Source: Bibliotheque Stanislas de Nancy; Public Domain; CC BY 4.0

Encrypted Letter of Charles V Reveals A Rumored Assassination Attempt

Holy Roman Emperor and King of Spain, Charles V, was one of the 16th century’s most powerful people, but certainly not well liked. A rumored French plot to assassinate the erstwhile emperor has been...
Square & compasses (Insignia of Freemasons) carved into stone. (Public Domain) Part of The Beale Papers Names Cipher C3.

Does Cryptic Code Hidden in Beale Ciphers Reveal Secrets of the Freemasons?

The Beale Ciphers have challenged treasure hunters for almost 200 years. Is the Declaration of Independence the key to finding the gold, silver, and precious stones that Beale buried near Bedford,...
A typical depiction of a pirate

French Pirate Olivier Levasseur Left Behind a Curious Cryptogram – Does it Lead to his Long-Lost Treasure?

Olivier Levasseur (known also by his nicknames ‘La Buse’, meaning ‘the Buzzard’, or ‘La Bouche’, meaning ‘the Mouth’) was a French pirate who was active during the 1st half of the 18th century...
Kingston Lacy and Egyptian Obelisk, discovered on an island in the Nile by William Bankes in 1815

The Philae Obelisk, Hieroglyphs and Understanding a Vanished Culture

Before the deciphering of Egyptian hieroglyphs, ancient Egypt was shadowy and mysterious with towering monuments, magical names, and an unknown antiquity, though most Western scholars believed that...
Did the Templars Hide the Ark of the Covenant? Unraveling the Cove-Jones Cipher

Did the Templars Hide the Ark of the Covenant? Unraveling the Cove-Jones Cipher

On October 25th this year, the Vatican released a document that had remained in its secret archives for seven hundred years. It is the report of the official Church investigation into the activities...
The indecipherable Rohonc Codex

An ancient text that has baffled researchers for more than 200 years - The indecipherable Rohonc Codex

The discovery of an unidentified text in Hungary has led to more than 200 years of attempts to determine who authored it and to decipher its contents. Many scholars have studied the text, known as...