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Marie-Antoinette     Source: Christie’s / Osama Shukir Muhammed Amin FRCP(Glasg)/ CC BY-SA 4.0

Marie Antoinette’s Diamond Encrusted Bracelets Will Sell For Millions

A pair of Queen Marie Antoinette’s bracelets are to come under the hammer next month. With the richest collectors in the world all primed, it’s expected that the already whopping $2 to $4 million...
Prehistoric Guennol Stargazer Idol to Stay in the US, Court Rules

Prehistoric Guennol Stargazer Idol to Stay in USA, Court Rules

After eight steamy days in a U.S. court, it was ruled that a 6,000-year-old artifact will stay in the country. A Manhattan judge firmly rejected Turkish antiquities authorities’ claim for the return...
Assyrian artwork sold by Christies.

$31 Million Assyrian Relief is Causing a Great International Controversy

A rare Assyrian stone relief has been sold in New York for the record-breaking price of $31 million, destroying the previous highest selling price for a piece of Assyrian art. Museums and collectors...
Ancient Sekhemka statue

Shameful sell-off of ancient Sekhemka statue makes museum a pariah

A 4,400-year-old Egyptian statue will be sold by Northampton Museum in England, the Council has decided. The Council is auctioning off the historic Egyptian statue of Sekhemka in order to help pay...