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Dartmouth researchers report that apes and early humans evolved more flexible shoulders and elbows than monkeys, shown here, to safely get out of trees. Source: Luke Fannin, Dartmouth College/ Royal Society Open Science

"Downclimbing" is the Overlooked Key to Human Evolution, Says Study

One of the watershed moments in the evolution of ‘human’ or ‘ Homo ’ history is when the first hominids descended from the trees to achieve bipedal locomotion ( Homo erectus ), causing a separation...
By observing chimpanzees in Tanzania, researchers concluded that humans evolved to being bipedal while they still lived in trees.       Source: Left; Mari_art / Adobe Stock; Right; Sam D'Cruz / Adobe Stock

The Evolutionary Leap to Bipedalism Took Place in Trees

Conventional wisdom says that ancient humans made the transition from walking on four legs to walking on two because they needed to travel more efficiently across open savanna land in Africa. But...
Study of Fossil Apes Sheds New Light on the Human Origins Mystery

Study of Fossil Apes Sheds New Light on the Human Origins Mystery

In an exciting new review titled “ Fossil apes and human evolution ” for the reputed ScienceMag journal, the major discoveries in fossil apes and human lineage are re-examined since Darwin’s claims...
Evidence for a Great Evolutionary Leap Finally Found?

Evidence for a Great Evolutionary Leap Finally Found?

Humans, chimpanzees, and gorillas all move similarly, and they share common anatomies. However, until now, it’s remained unknown how exactly humans were related to these other primates. That mystery...
DNA molecule spiral structure with unique connection.

Study Proves Human Mutation Rate Is Slower Than Believed Posing New Date For Human-Neanderthal Separation

By Christina Troelsen / Science Daily Researchers from Aarhus University, Denmark, and Copenhagen Zoo have discovered that the human mutation rate is significantly slower than for our closest primate...
Prehistoric Man.

Are Humans Just Self-Domesticated Apes?

One of the greatest mysteries is the origin of the human mind. Why are humans so different from other animals? Why do we have languages, religions, complex political and economic systems, and...
Rock paintings in Tadrart Acacus region of Libya dated from 12,000 BC to 100 AD.

Have Humans Always Gone to War?

The question of whether warfare is encoded in our genes, or appeared as a result of civilization, has long fascinated anyone trying to get to grips with human society. Might a willingness to fight...