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Illustration based on osteobiography generated through analyses of remains excavated at cemetery of Cambridge hospital which offered what was, in essence, a medieval social benefit system Source: Mark Gridley / After the Plague

Cemetery Reveals Medieval Equivalent of Social Benefits System

Archaeologists from several universities in England teamed up to analyze the skeletal remains of more than 400 individuals who were buried in a medieval cemetery that belonged to St. John the...
Lady Godiva

The Naked Truth on Lady Godiva and Her Nude Ride to Help the Poor

Lady Godiva was an English noblewoman who lived during the 11th century AD. Although she belonged to the upper class, she had a reputation for being sympathetic towards the less fortunate and was...
The Pskov-Caves Monastery and its 10,000 Monk Necropolis

The Pskov-Caves Monastery and its 10,000 Monk Necropolis

The Pskov-Caves Monastery is a Russian Orthodox monastery located in the town of Pechory, in the northwestern part of Russia. The monastery was established during the 15th century AD and is well-...
Lewis Kirkbride 1066 Battle Walk

Medieval Warrior Undertakes ‘1066 Battle Walk’ for Men’s Mental Health

An Englishman marched 250 miles from York to Hastings wearing heavy medieval armor to raise cash for a mental health charity. Lewis Kirkbride, of Pittington, County Durham, England, marched from the...
Tang court ladies carrying precious treasures, from the tomb of Princess Yongtai in the Qianling Mausoleum, near Xi'an in Shaanxi, China. 706 AD.

The Spirit of Giving and Charity in Ancient China

By Cindy Chan , Epoch Times As we prepare for and take part in holiday festivities this time of year, celebration and merriment may come with increased demands that can add stress to our lives. But...