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Left; Kin Klizhin is an ‘ancestral’ community consisting of a great house with tower kiva. Right; Strombus galeatus conch shell from the Sea of Cortez. Source: Van Dyke/Antiquity Publications Ltd

Ancient Chacoan Settlements Used Conch-Shell Trumpets to Keep in Touch

A team of archaeologists from universities in New York and Arizona have just published a fascinating new study that reports on the impressive auditory range of conch-shell trumpets used by Native...
The Fajada Butte Sun Dagger in Chaco Canyon in New Mexico is a spiral petroglyph that is lit up with brilliant streaks of focused Sunlight at key moments in the year.	Source: YouTube screenshot / Mystery History

Connecting Heaven and Earth: The Sun Dagger of Fajada Butte, New Mexico

Near the entrance to Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, USA is an imposing butte that had sacred significance to the ancestral Pueblo culture, who inhabited Chaco Canyon up until about 1150 AD. On Fajada...
New Science Reveals Secrets to Pueblo Bonito’s Enigmatic Tree

New Science Reveals Secrets to Pueblo Bonito’s Enigmatic Tree

A majestic ponderosa pine, standing tall in what is widely thought to have been the "center of the world" for the Ancestral Puebloan people, may have more mundane origins than previously believed,...