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Top image: The Emperor's Carpet. Source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art / Public Domain

Reinvigorating an Emperor's Persian Carpet – A Three Year Journey (Video)

Standing before The Emperor's Carpet, a masterpiece of Persian artistry from the 16th century, we unveil its remarkable history. This exquisite creation likely emerged during the reign of Shah...
Celebrity on a red carpet. Source: Tom Merton/KOTO / Adobe Stock

The Red Carpet Treatment Goes Back Over 2,000 Years

Today, the red carpet is associated with VIPs, dignitaries, the heads of state, celebrities, film festivals. It conjures up images of flashing of camera lights and paparazzi, glitzy gowns and make-up...
Top 10 oldest everyday items

Ten of the Oldest Everyday Items Ever Found

Every day you get up, get dressed, eat, and probably head out to work, school, or some other activity outside your home. If you work, you may have to interact with customers, who are not always...
A photo of the sacred cat rug.

Strange Tale of the 2,400-Year-Old Cursed Cat Fur Rug and the Mummified Appendage

A museum in St. Augustine, Florid has a rather unusual artifact – an ancient rug made completely out of cat fur. This rug is sometimes referred to as the ‘Sacred Cat Rug’ and has a claim on the title...
A photo of the Pazyryk Carpet

2,500-Year-Old Carpet is Stunning Reflection of Advanced Culture of the Pazyryk Nomads

The Pazyryk Carpet is the oldest known example of a carpet in existence today. Discovered in a state of almost perfect preservation, it was pulled from a royal tomb in the Pazyryk Valley of Siberia,...
Tattooed Owners of the World's Oldest Carpets Get Health Check After 2,200 Years

Tattooed Owners of the World's Oldest Carpets Get Health Check After 2,200 Years

By The Siberian Times reporter A mummified potentate and his wife were found in a burial mound 42 metres in diameter. They went to the next life alongside nine saddled and harnessed geldings. Now,...
A 19th century painting of a magic carpet by Viktor Vasnetsov.

The History of the Magical Flying Carpets

Magic carpets are a form of transportation most notably found in oriental tales. These carpets are known also as flying carpets, as they transport their owners from one place to another through the...