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captain james cook

The Australian National Maritime Museum say the Endeavour shipwreck discovery, pictured here underwater in Newport Harbor, USA, is the real thing but Rhode Island maritime authorities say it’s too early to be sure.					Source: Australian National Maritime Museum

Has Captain Cook’s Endeavour Shipwreck Finally Been Confirmed off Rhode Island?

The HMS Endeavour is the famous ship that Captain James Cook used on the first expedition to Australia in 1768 AD. The wreck of the ship that enabled this voyage is now believed to have been found...
Scenic Talava Arch, Niue                   Source:  Brian Scantlebury / Adobe Stock

Behold the Coconut! There’s Nothing Savage About Niue

There are many small countries in the vast South Pacific and they are often unknown to the world outside the region. Niue is one of these - a tiny country with a unique culture as a result of its...
HM Bark Endeavour replica in Cooktown (John Hill/ CC BY-SA 3.0)

Would the REAL Endeavour Shipwreck Please Stand Up?

Has Captain Cook’s shipwrecked ' Endeavour' , one of the most famous research ships in history, finally been identified off Rhode Island? The HMS Endeavour was built originally for the transportation...
Palmerston Island part of the Cook Islands.

Populating Palmerston Island: One Man, Three Wives and A Desert Island Paradise

Palmerston Island is part of the Cook Islands in the South Pacific Ocean. This island is one of the six main islands located on a coral atoll and is the only one that is inhabited. Palmerston Island...
Kaipawa Harbour

Unknown Shipwreck could rewrite New Zealand history

Last week, an 11-year-old boy stumbled upon an old bronze canon in Darwin, Australia that predates the arrival of the acclaimed Captain James Cook to the continent in 1770. Now, a new discovery has...