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Painting depicting what the silver tree of Karakorum may have looked like.

Karakorum: A Silver Tree and Other Unique Elements of a 13th Century Mongol Capital

During the 13th century, Karakorum was perhaps one of the most important cities in the world. It was the capital of the Mongol Empire. After it was destroyed, the location of the famous city was lost...
Capital of Vakataka dynasty excavated in Nagpur

Archaeologists Find Ancient Capital of the Vakataka Dynasty in India

It has been reported in the Indian Express, that local archaeologists have excavated the ancient city of Nandivardhan, in Vidarbha, Maharashtra in central India. The city was the capital of the...
The Israelites Leaving Egypt by David Roberts. Representative of an ancient Egyptian City.

The Lost City of Thinis, First Capital of a United Egypt

Thinis was a city of the ancient Egyptian civilization. Whilst Thinis and its alternative, This, were the Greek names of the city, the ancient Egyptians knew it as Tjenu. This city once served as the...
The Taiji Palace complex

Ancient palace ruins unearthed in China

Archaeologists have uncovered the ruins of an ancient imperial palace in Henan Province, China, dating back at least 1,700 years. According to historical records, the Taiji Palace was built by...