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Church ruins at the “Ghost City” of Ani

Ani: The Ghost City of 1001 Churches

First mentioned in the 5th century by Armenian chroniclers, the “Ghost City” of Ani was described as a strong fortress on a hilltop that was a possession of the Armenian Kamsarakan dynasty. From this...
Drone image of the excavation site that could be the location of the long-lost Viking capital of Skailvoighand in the Shetland Islands off Scotland.

Lost Viking Capital May Have Been Found on Scotland’s Shetland Islands

What is being described by one Shetland islander as a “hugely significant discovery " has reached the press. While nobody is just yet sure what the five ancient circular structures found on the...
Myanmar Violence Spreads to Ancient Temples of Bagan

Myanmar Violence Spreads to Ancient Temples of Bagan

Police in Myanmar have opened fire on protesters in Bagan, the former ancient capital and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, bringing even more destruction to one of the world’s oldest religious centers...
Chinese Find Ancient Xianyang, Lost Capital of the Qin Dynasty

Chinese Find Ancient Xianyang, Lost Capital of the Qin Dynasty

A team of archaeologists from the Shaanxi Academy of Archaeology have been busy for the past few years working on an assignment worth envying, reports China Daily. Deep in the Chinese central...
Monte Albán, Oaxaca, Mexico. Source: WitR /Adobe Stock

Enormous Ancient Building Identified Beneath Monte Albán’s Main Plaza

Researchers in Mexico have discovered a vast ancient building buried beneath the Main Plaza at the ancient capital of Monte Albán. Monte Albán is a large pre-Columbian archaeological site located in...
Aerial view of the construction site. Source: Dom Eko

Massive Polish Fort Walls Over 100 Feet Wide Indicate Medieval Capital

The discovery of three rings of fortification walls have provided archaeologists with startling new information on Medieval Poland. The find of the massive Polish fort walls suggests that Poznań was...
The moon among the columns of the Doric Temple at Segesta, Sicily. 	Source: ildiora / Adobe Stock

A Classical Doric Temple in Sicily Built by a Mysterious Population

Thanks to its unique position in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily has a rich and complex history. There are many fine examples of Classical Greek architecture on the island and one of the...
Ancient capitals of China. Representation of classic ancient Chinese architecture with a modern cityscape in the background.  Source:  gui yong nian / Adobe stock

The Jewels of the East: Top 8 Ancient Capitals of China

Considering the fact that the history of ancient China spans many centuries, it is only natural that its empires and kingdoms had a great deal of sprawling capitals and major cities. Throughout its...
Koh Ker, Cambodia. Source: karinkamon /Adobe Stock

Back to Angkor: Researchers Unlock Why Khmer Kings Left Koh Ker

The largest water management feature in Khmer history was built in the 10th century as part of a short-lived ancient capital in northern Cambodia to store water, but the system failed in its first...
The archaeological site at Yao, Osaka Prefecture, Japan.

Mysterious Japanese Second Capital Built 1200 Years Ago by Controversial Empress is Finally Found

Japanese archaeologists working in Yao, Osaka Prefecture believe they have found the remains of Yugeno-miya, an unfinished city began by the orders of an empress who is remembered for a turbulent...
Remains of the Apadana, the Audience Palace

Alexander the Great’s Capital Punishment? The Building of Persepolis and its Flaming Demise

Persepolis is an ancient city that once served as the capital of the mighty Achaemenid Empire. Persepolis is the Greek name for ‘Parsa’, and both these names mean ‘Persian City’ or ‘City of the...
Archaeological Find Suggests Ancient Israel's Capital Was Burned

Archaeological Find Suggests Ancient Israel's Capital Was Burned

An archaeological dig has uncovered what appears to be evidence that Shiloh, the ancient capital of Israel that was once the site where the Tabernacle and Ark of the Covenant could be found, was...