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Prehistoric man holding an ostrich egg. Public domain.

7,500-Year-Old Ostrich Egg Found Around Ancient Campsite in Israel

A collection of eight ostrich eggs dated to between 4,000 and 7,500 years old have been discovered near an ancient fire pit in southern Israel. It was a campsite used by prehistoric nomads, which...
A crusader at his campsite  Source: dieterjaeschkephotos / Adobe Stock

Ancient Crusader Battle Campsite Discovered in Israel Is a First

A highways expansion project in the Tzipori Springs area in Galilee in Israel has uncovered fascinating evidence of a 12th-century Crusader battle camp. Exploratory excavations undertaken by a team...
Illustration of a Paleoindian campsite

12,000-Year-Old Campsite and Hundreds of Artifacts Unearthed in Canada

First Nations archaeologists in New Brunswick, Canada, are unearthing hundreds of artifacts and exposing a campsite where their distant ancestors lived about 12,000 years ago. It is one of the...
Stone Age Prehistoric Settlement

Prehistoric settlement discovered on planned site for US Embassy in London

A prehistoric campsite has been uncovered along the Thames River in an area set aside for the new US Embassy in London, according to a report in Live Science . Researchers have not yet been able to...