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Colonial sources attest that Juan Cortés, slave of the soldier Juan Sedeño, was the first African registered in New Spain. He was part of the military consortium led by Hernán Cortés in 1519 (Bishop Diego Durán). Source: Arqueología Mexicana / Raices / Antiquity Publications Ltd

Cross-Cultural Living and Dying in Colonial Campeche, But No Sex

2022 is shaping up to be a big year for colonial era discoveries in Central and South America. Only in May Ancient Origins covered the story of archaeologists studying “42 syphilis-ridden colonial...
Facade from one of the Mayan cities in Mexico

Archaeologists Discover Two Long Lost Ancient Maya Cities in Jungle of Mexico

In an amazing new discovery in the jungles of Mexico, archaeologists have uncovered two ancient Mayan cities, including ruined pyramid temples, palace remains, a monster mouth gateway, a ball court,...
Maya dismembered enemies

Archaeologists Make Grisly Find in Historical Maya City

A team of researchers have made a gruesome discovery in a man-made cave in the ancient Maya city of Uxul in Campeche (Mexico). Scientists from the Department of Anthropology of the Americas at the...
Ancient Mayan City in Mexico

Ancient Mayan City Uncovered in Remote Jungle in Mexico

Archaeologists have discovered a complete Maya city in a remote jungle in Campeche, southeastern Mexico, first spotted in aerial images of a vast forested area previously only explored by loggers and...