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Callanish Stones (spanishjohnny72 / Adobe Stock)

The Great British Archaeoastronomical Megalithic Structure Myth

In 1637 AD, John Greaves, the English mathematician, astronomer, antiquarian and professor of geometry at Gresham College in London, England, measured and studied famous ancient monuments in Italy...
Four famous stone circles in the British Isles: Callanish Standing Stones (Fredy Jeanrenaud /Adobe Stock), Merry Maidens in Cornwall (Newlands Aerial /Adobe Stock), Castlerigg (Y. Jorzik-Brzelinski /Adobe Stock), and the Ring of Brodgar. (David Woods /Adobe Stock)

6 of the Most Magnificent Stone Circles of the British Isles

The enigmatic tradition of Europe’s Neolithic and Bronze Age stone circles, megaliths, and henges is by far the most mysterious glimpse into the lives of our ancestors. Today, stone circles dot...
Callinish Stone Circle. Source: swen_stroop / Adobe Stock

Did Lightning Determine Locations For Neolithic Stone Monuments?

A recently published scientific study adopting new technologies has revealed how a lightning strike 5,000 years ago might have inspired Neolithic builders to construct the iconic Callanish Stone...
Callanish stones at sunset.

Stone-Hard Evidence: Researchers Prove British Megaliths Are Connected to the Sun and Moon

A team of researchers from the University of Adelaide has revealed an explanation to one of the greatest mysteries of the British standing stone monuments. According to them, the great stone circles...