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burial chambers

Menga Dolmen in Malaga, Spain. Source: Tony Makepeace/CC BY 2.0

Menga Dolmen Unveiled As “The Greatest Neolithic Engineering Marvel”

A team of archaeologists has deciphered the hidden Neolithic building dynamics within Spain’s 5,700-years-old Menga dolmen . Not only were sophisticated engineering and building methodologies...
How megalithic builders in the UK probably designed stone structures using experimental archaeology.		Source: Author provided

The Silent Language of the Megalithic Builders

Our understanding of the methods of design involved before any British prehistoric structure was physically built, that is from the moment when its form had been conceived in someone’s mind up to the...
Machrie Moor on the Isle of Arran at sunset with two magnificent standing stones in the foreground. Source: swen_stroop / Adobe Stock

Vast 6,000-Year-Old Sacred Site Suspected On Scotland’s Isle of Arran

Long before the pyramids of Egypt and England’s Stonehenge were even conceived, a functioning prehistoric ritual site was built in Neolithic times in Scotland, which is famous for its many megalithic...
The Female Siberian Ice Maiden Whose Legends Lives On

The Female Siberian Ice Maiden Whose Legend Lives On

Buried in permafrost soil around the 5th century AD, a 35-year-old woman was discovered in the Republic of Altai, Russia. Finding the woman helped archaeologists develop deeper understanding of the...
The Column of Death at Mitla has been closed off from hugging by the public for a long time, as repeated hugging causes damage. But the column in the top photo is exactly identical, in every way, to the true Column of Death hugged by Mesoamericans for centuries.

The Column of Death at Mitla, Hugged by Mesoamericans For Millennia

The Column of Death is the name given to a pillar at the archaeological site of Mitla , in the southwestern Mexican state of Oaxaca . The column was named for a legendary ritual in which it appeared...