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Anna Hyatt Huntington's El Cid statue at Audubon Terrace in front of the Hispanic Society Library in New York City. Source: Brocken Inaglory / CC BY-SA 3.0

El Cid: Christian Champion or Mercenary for the Moors?

Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, more commonly known as El Cid, was an 11 th century Spanish knight, military leader and mercenary. This larger-than-life-figure is celebrated as a champion of Christianity...
Working tables of palaeontologists in a science museum, Spain.        Source: Joaquin Corbalan / Adobe Stock

A Site of Archaeological Treasure and Murder at Atapuerca, Spain

The Atapuerca archaeological site is one of the most important in Europe, if not the world as it has provided a great many relics and remains related to some of the earliest hominids yet found...
Reconstruction of the original appearance of the megalithic mound of Alto de Reinoso.

A Community Burial Advances Understanding of Life in Neolithic Spain

A Neolithic Spanish burial site which contains the remains of a closely-related local community from 6,000 years ago had been discovered in Burgos, northern Spain. During their excavations,...
Some of the graves enclosed by stone slabs found in the medieval cemetery of Arganzón.

Medieval Village with Human Remains Discovered in Northern Spain

The medieval village of Arganzón has been brought to light in the area of Condado de Treviño, Burgos, Spain. Through a series of excavations, tombs, houses, and silos from the Middle Ages, as well as...