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buffalo jump

Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park

Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park, Where Ancient Siksika Tradition Meets Modern Exploration

The First Peoples of Canada are justly proud of their heritage and culture. The history of the Siksika people and the related Blackfoot people is particularly rich. Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park...
Buffalo Jump

1,600-Year-Old Untouched Meal Still in Roasting Pit Unearthed in Alberta

Archaeologists have discovered an ancient feast, still intact, in a 1,600-year-old roasting pit at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada. The exact contents of the meaty meal are...
Montana burn

Montana burn reveals ancient stone effigies, cairns, rock formations and buffalo slaughter areas

U.S. government archaeologists set a controlled fire in April 2015 to reveal a unique site in northern Montana that has large Native American stone effigies, cairns, circles and structures used...