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Statue of Romulus and Remus suckling on a she wolf. Their famous story was one of attempted Roman infanticide but were saved by the she wolf, now a major symbol of the Roman Empire. 						Source: borzywoj / Adobe Stock

Does Roman Infanticide Explain the Mass Infant Burial Discovered in England?

Between 43 AD and 410 AD, huge swathes of Britain were under the control of the Roman Empire and funerary practices were mostly Christian, but also included the practice of Roman infanticide...
Skeletal evidence of an Iron Age murder victim

Iron Age Murder Victim Discovered at Ceremonial Monument

Archaeologists in England have discovered evidence of a large ceremonial structure and a potentially brutal human sacrifice. While excavating a 4000-year-old Iron Age site at Wellwick Farm near...
Hoard of 5,000 Anglo Saxon coins

Hoard of 5,000 Anglo Saxon coins worth over $1.5 million discovered by metal detectorists on Christmas dig

Amateur treasure hunters struck it rich when they unearthed a massive hoard of more than 5,000 silver coins during a Christmas gathering on farmland near Lenborough in Buckinghamshire, England. The...