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A Pompeii brothel mural.

Spintriae, The Roman Sex Coins That Showed What Was on The Menu

There is a curiosity that belongs to ancient Roman history which historians are yet to solve; there exists a collection of Roman brass coins or tokens that depict sexual acts on one side and a...
Illustration of an old tavern. Credit: Chorazin / Adobe Stock

Burned Down Colonial Tavern that May Have Doubled as a Brothel Found in North Carolina

Archaeologists examining a recently discovered colonial tavern in eastern North Carolina were stunned to discover that when the 18th Century building burned to the ground a “treasure trove of...
Old man beguiled by courtesans.

Protection or Profit? The 1000 Prostitutes Employed by the Church in 12th Century London

The modern Christian church does not condone prostitution and would never consider getting involved with it. However, in 12 th century England, a borough of London known as Southwark had eighteen...
Phallus symbol in Pompeii, Naples, Italy

Dirty Pictures Discovered in an 1,800-Year-Old Men’s Loo Hold the Seeds Of ‘Locker Room’ Talk

Revealing images have been discovered on rare 1,800-year-old floor mosaics in a mens’ toilet in the coastal city of Antiochia ad Cragum in modern-day Turkey. The rare second-century mosaics were...
Mural from a Pompeii brothel.

The Grim Reality of the Brothels of Pompeii

Like the anxious men who began excavations at Pompeii in the 18th century and discovered more about the ancient Italians than they had bargained for – such as phallic-shaped lamps – historians of sex...