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Taking ‘brain food’ literally – baked brains with roasted roses, another disgusting ancient food           Source: Dubnytskaya Photo / Adobe Stock

Nine Absolutely Disgusting Ancient Foods Our Ancestors Enjoyed

Cuisine is an essential aspect of one’s culture. The meals enjoyed by various communities in ancient times have evolved throughout history to become the foods we know and love today. However, these...
Corpse medicine sounds revolting today but for thousands of years “doctors” believed the human spirit and its powers could be ingested in the form of human fat, blood, or brains. "Saturn eating his son,” painted by Francisco de Goya.

Corpse Medicine: Brains, Mellified Man’s Honey-flesh, or Blood Drinks!

In the 16th and 17th centuries while, with astonishing hypocrisy, Europeans were reacting with disgust and outrage to reports of cannibalism brought back by travelers from the New World. And yet in...
A Fore tribesman of Papua New Guinea holding a skull

Diet of human brains helped Papua New Guinea tribe to resist disease

The investigation of a Papua New Guinea tribe, formerly infamous for eating human brains as part of their elaborate funerary rights, has provided insights into the development of mad cow disease and...