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A travel guide to Yorkshire's Weird Wolds: The Mysterious Wold Newton Triangle


‘Hidden valleys, chalk streams and peaceful villages.....a fabulous place to unwind and enjoy the English countryside at its best’ is how modern guide books describe the Yorkshire Wolds. But, there is also a much darker side to this part of Yorkshire. If you are fascinated by the weird, the unexplained and the bizarre, join me on this road trip around what I have called the Wold Newton Triangle, where rather odd events have occurred, unmatched anywhere else in Britain.

You will meet werewolves, zombies, vampires, green skinned fairy folk, headless ghosts, screaming skulls, ancient warlords, valiant sea captains battling to the death as volley after volley of cannon fire rake their warships’ decks, miracle-working priests, very eccentric gentry, disappearing rivers, a good Queen and an avaricious Queen, a black skeleton, a Parkin-eating dragon, sea serpents, turkeys galore, England’s oldest buildings, shape shifters, enchanted wells, giant monoliths and a grid of ley lines, as well as a surprising amounts of Quite Interesting Facts. It is also a place associated with some of the greatest heroes and villains of recent pulp, crime and science fiction which may, or may not, be connected to the day a giant meteorite crashed to earth in Yorkshire’s fascinating Wold Newton Triangle. Its a place where fact is weirder than fiction!