Archeologia dell'introvabile. Insoliti itinerari tra i misteri dlla storia


Legends, local traditions, "ancient chronicles", various "it is said that..." have often directed explorers, researchers or even simple enthusiasts towards the mysteries that history still hides. In this book the author reviews some unresolved enigmas of archaeology, characterized by the almost unavailability of the place, the site to which they refer.

Where is the Tomb of Alaric buried, it is said, in the bed of the river Busento? Where are the traces of Simon Mago in and around Rome? Where, perhaps near Chiusi, is the Sepulchre of the Etruscan Porsenna with all its treasure? Where exactly is the Tomb of Virgil in Naples? How to find the Sepulchre of the great Archimedes, marked by a sphere inserted in a cube? A tangible demonstration of the mathematical intuitions of the great scholar. Does the cursed book known as Necronomicon exist or not? And if it is not an invention of the enigmatic Lovecraft, where could it be? And the mythical Tower of Babel, where exactly was it? Where are the traces that would lead back to the height of Christ? Who was actually the Flamen Iovis who worshipped him in the Temple of Jupiter Anxur, in Terracina?

The author once again leads the reader interested in exploring some of the most fascinating mysteries of history and archaeology in the field, giving him all the indications to try to find something ... unobtainable (or almost).

The book ends with two intriguing Appendices dedicated both to the myriad of enigmatic inscriptions that can be read here and there in Italy and abroad and to a new, adventurous way of "perceiving the past", the result of the studies of the physicist Don Luigi Borello on the “Cronovisore”.

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