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birthing girdle

Buffy and Ian Bailey and the miniature gold bible that Buffy found with her metal detector in North Yorkshire, England.	Source: Buffy Bailey / Norgie Pal Twitter

Medieval Miniature Gold Bible Found Near King Richard III’s Castle

A tiny gold Bible associated with England’s 15th century King Richard III has been recovered by a metal detectorist in York. The discoverer, however, was no seasoned explorer or dirty nailed...
Images of the MS. 632 birthing girdle. a) The dripping side-wound. b) The rubbed away green cross or crucifix. c) Tau cross with red heart and shield.  Source: Courtesy of the Wellcome Collection

New Birthing Girdle Study Answers Questions About Medieval Childbirth

In the Middle Ages, pregnant women allegedly wore a type of specially prepared wrap known as a birthing girdle. Birthing girdles were long, thin, rolls made from animal skin parchment. They were...