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Big Bang

The creation myths understood by many cultures and civilizations through their beliefs and mythology.  Source: QuietWord/Adobe

10 of the Wildest Creation Myths in History

Across the world’s various cultures and civilizations, there was always a firm belief that humans - and the world that they dwell in - had some sort of supernatural origins. These beliefs were the...
Big Bang and the hands of God representation.  Source: rolffimages / Adobe Stock

The Bible’s Big Bang, Creation of the Universe

The most profound mystery of mankind is the origin of the universe. In juxtaposition, its origin is also the most profound event known to man. Since about 1200 BC the Bible has declared in its first...
Creation. Source: AGPhotography / Adobe Stock.

How the Universe Came to Be: The Bible and Science Finally in Accord?

For most of our history, scientists have primarily believed that the universe is eternal and unchanging. Aristotle in the fourth century BC asserted that the world is without beginning or end. But...
Universe is not flat

Universe may not be flat as we thought

One of the main perspectives in the scientific community regarding the shape of the Universe is that it is flat. However, new research done at the University of Edinburgh in the UK suggests that the...
Big Bang

Space Discovery Draws Big Bang into Question

A team of astronomers have observed an object in space whose existence draws into question the reality of the big bang theory. The structure is a large quasar group (LQG) composed of 73 quasars,...