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Bell Beaker

The 4,200-year-old grave with the large stone designed to stop the “zombie” within rising once again. Source: LDA Saxony-Anhalt, Anja Lochner-Rechta / Miami Herald.

Bronze Age German Grave was Built to Hold a “Zombie”

There’s always something new in archaeology, it would seem. In an unexpected development, archaeologists performing excavations in eastern Germany excavated a 4,200-year-old grave containing the...
Aerial view of the triple enclosure. Source: © Jérôme Berthet/ Inrap

Remarkable Horseshoe Shaped Prehistoric Structure Discovered in France

Beneath the countryside landscape of Marliens, mere kilometers from Dijon in the heart of the Ouche valley, lies evidence of ancient life spanning through millennia. Before the expansion of a local...
Skeletal remains of an adult and a child at Altwies "Op dem Boesch". Source: photo/©: Foni Le Brun-Ricalens, Institut National de Recherches Archéologiques, Luxembourg/JGU

Bronze Age Burial Study Links Peoples of Britain and Luxembourg

An illuminating study published in late 2023 has found evidence of family links in the western European Bell Beaker communities, linking Britain to Luxembourg in the Bronze Age. The research delved...
Part of the Mount Pleasant mega henge under excavation in the early 1970s.             Source: Cardiff University

Mount Pleasant And Other Mega-Henges: Evidence Of A Construction Boom

England’s 4,500-year-old “mega henges“ were a tremendous Stone Age development that took place just before the new waves of European settlers landed in Britain. Ancient henges were ceremonial fasting...