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Bedlam psychiatric hospital

Experts explore identities of 5,000 buried in Bedlam psychiatric hospital graveyard

Officials building a huge cross-London underground railway are starting to publish the identity of some of the thousands of people buried 400 to 500 years ago in Bedlam cemetery. After researching...
Crossrail archaeologists excavate an apparent mass grave at the Bedlam hospital cemetery

Mass grave of possible bubonic plague victims excavated in London

A mass grave of 30 possible bubonic plague victims is being excavated in London at the huge cemetery of Bedlam mental asylum that was discovered while workers were building the Crossrail subway...
‘Lost Souls of Bedlam’ Under London Streets

Archaeologists Discover 20,000 ‘Lost Souls of Bedlam’ Under London Streets

Established in 1247, the notorious Bethlem (“Bedlam”) Royal Hospital was the first dedicated psychiatric institution in Europe and possibly the most famous specialist facility for care and control of...