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The history of shaving reveals how ideals of beauty and body politics have changed over time. Source: master1305 / Adobe Stock

Style, Sanitation and Control: The Ever-Changing History of Shaving

Let’s face it, shaving is a total inconvenience, whether it be your beard, legs, or something else. Yet most of us regularly do it in some form or another. Why? When did this trend begin? Well,...
Scientists have found the evolutionary reason for beards. Source: be free / Adobe Stock

The Evolutionary Reason for Beards – a Hairy Shock Absorber

A new study has provided an evolutionary reason for beards - to reduce the impact of punches. This explains why men grow facial hair while most women do not. But before we begin, if the findings of...
Brave Scot with an amazing beard and mustache curls in the Hungarian style.

Beards, Business and a History of Facial Hair in the Workplace

By Lucy Newton / The Conversation Recording the human face in art is a long-held tradition, from the Roman Bust to the 15th century Dutch painting. The portrait signals power, prestige and wealth...
Frederick Barbarossa awards the city of Haarlem with a sword for its shield or coat-of-arms. By Pieter de Greber, 1630.

Frederick I Barbarossa: A Megalomaniac Roman Emperor On a Crusade for Power

Some people believe they were born for greatness but fall short and some go on to exceed all expectations. Frederick I Barbarossa falls into the second category. His ambition for power was limitless...