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An archaeologist uncovers the indoor pool in the Roman villa, the first such find in the area. Source: Albania’s National Institute of Cultural Heritage / Facebook.

Unique 1,600-Year-Old Roman Indoor Pool Discovered in Albania

In the Albanian port city of Durrës, archaeologists have made a sensational discovery: a 1600-year-old Roman indoor pool, a first of its kind in the area. This find happened whilst Albanian...
Szechnyi thermal bath spa in Budapest, Hungary. Source: Nikolai Sorokin / Adobe Stock.

Geothermal Gems: Budapest's Ancient Thermal Baths (Videos)

For millennia, Hungary's inhabitants have been drawn to the depths of the earth, indulging in the warm embrace of the country's hidden thermal springs. The legacy of Budapest's ancient thermal spas...
Renovations at Cervecería Giralda uncovered the remains of an ancient Seville bathhouse. Source: Álvaro Jiménez

Islamic Bathhouse Discovered in Seville Tapas Bar

Renovations in a Spanish tapas bar in Seville , southern Spain, have uncovered a forgotten 12 th -century Islamic bathhouse. The ancient structure was covered up in the early 20th century by an...
Oceanides, Gustave Dore (1860-1869).

The Secret of Long Life? It’s All in the Water: Sacred Springs & Holy Wells

The belief in sacred springs and holy waters goes far back into the earliest religious myths of humankind, and is ubiquitous across every continent. An ancient primordial connection between water and...
Aerial view of the winery at the Schneller Compound in Jerusalem.

Ruins of Ancient Winery and Roman Bathhouse Unearthed in Jerusalem

Archaeologists excavating the site of the Schneller Orphanage, which operated in Jerusalem from 1860 until the Second World War, were surprised to find the remains of a winery and Roman bathhouse...