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Dog burial in Siberia. Stone and bone implements are present near and under the cranium, and a round pebble is visible within the mouth.

2,000-Year-Old Dog Burials in Siberia Reveal Relationship Between Ancient People and Their Pets

Archaeologists have uncovered the 2,000-year-old remains of five dogs, which had been carefully buried in a pit near the Arctic Circle in Siberia. It is believed that the dogs served as pets, workers...
Siberia, couple, Russia, skeletons, human remains, jade, artifacts, Baikal

Holding Hands for 5,000 Years, A Couple with Mysterious Jade Rings and Dagger

A Bronze Age burial near Lake Baikal intrigues archeologists who have not yet revealed contents of a leather pouch found between the man's kneecaps. Experts speculate that this ancient couple are an...
One of the ways to find something new is to look somewhere where no one has ever looked before.

Lake Baikal and remote Siberian caves hold key to new advances in antibiotics

A global and highly competitive search is underway for new bacteria strains leading to fresh sources of antibiotics, with 'great potential' for SIberia to lead the way, according to leading...