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The temples of Bagan, Myanmar. Source: Painting Cat / Adobe Stock.

Restoring The 11th Century Temples of Bagan (Videos)

Myanmar's ambitious endeavor to secure UNESCO World Heritage status for the 11th-century temples of Bagan signals a significant commitment to preserving this invaluable cultural heritage site...
Ancient temples in Bagan, Myanmar. Source: Kalyakan / Adobe Stock.

Myanmar’s Bagan Temple City Faces Modern Threats (Video)

Myanmar's ancient temple city, Bagan , with its mesmerizing array of over 3,000 temples, stands as a testament to its rich history dating back to the 11th and 13th centuries. However, amidst this...
Myanmar Violence Spreads to Ancient Temples of Bagan

Myanmar Violence Spreads to Ancient Temples of Bagan

Police in Myanmar have opened fire on protesters in Bagan, the former ancient capital and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, bringing even more destruction to one of the world’s oldest religious centers...