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The Roman coin hoard discovered in the cave in Northern Spain. Source: Consejería de Cultura del Principado de Asturias

Badger Finds Largest Ever Roman Coin Hoard in Northern Spain

A badger desperately hunting for food during the harsh winter of 2021, when Storm Filomena deposited snow across the Iberian Peninsula , has accidentally uncovered a substantial Roman coin hoard in a...
European badger (Meles meles)

Stone Age Spaniards ate domestic dogs and badgers

Human bite marks on the fossilized bones of domestic dogs and wild cats, foxes and badgers show people in Spain thousands of years ago ate carnivorous animals if they became hungry enough...
Craignethan Castle.

‘Very Angry Badger’ Wreaks Havoc at Historic Castle in Scotland

A 16th century Scottish castle survived decades of battles, attacks, civil war and treason but has been forced to close due to one very angry badger, which has taken up residence in Cellar Tunnel...
A European badger. Wrist guard and shaft straighteners found at the Netheravon burial.

Badger Uncovers Cremation and Grave Goods of Bronze Age Archer Near Stonehenge

A curious badger has inadvertently helped archaeologists to unearth remains of an archer or person who made archery equipment sometime between 2,200-2,000 BC in a burial mound at Netheravon,...