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Burial with a horse at the Rákóczifalva site, Hungary (8th century AD). This male individual of the culture of the Avars, belongs to the 2nd generation of pedigree 4, and was one of the sons of the founder of this kinship unit. Source: Institute of Archaeological Sciences, Eötvös Loránd University Múzeum, Budapest, Hungary/Nature

DNA Study Reveals Cultural Truths About Avar Warriors

Based on the analysis of several hundred skeletons, a new genetic study revealed fascinating new information about how the society of the Avars was organized. These formerly nomadic migrants...
Archaeologists at Déri Museum made a significant discovery: a fully intact lamellar armor was unearthed from a solitary Early Avar warrior burial, near the border of Ebes, Hungary. Source: Déri Museum/Hungarian Museums

7th Century Armored Avar Warrior Buried with Horse Uncovered in Hungary

Archaeologists from the Déri Museum have unveiled an exciting find: the burial of an Avar warrior accompanied by a fully intact ‘lamellar’ armor set within a solitary early Avar tomb. This discovery...
One of the Avar warrior graves unearthed in the Vinkovci City Cemetery in Croatia.	Source: Ivan Bosancic

Nomadic Avar Warrior Graves From Dark Ages Unearthed in Croatia

In Croatia, archaeologists have unearthed the graves of two ancient warriors, who belonged to the much-feared Avars ethnic group. These nomads terrorized Eastern Europe for decades during the Dark...
The ancient ruins of Doclea (Koester, L/ CC BY 2.0)

Will the Noteworthy Archeological Site of Doclea Be Saved in Time?

Montenegro is a relatively new nation, securing its independence as recently as 2006. This small nation is located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea and has many fascinating historic remains. One of...
Ulpiana, the archaeological site in Kosovo.

Ulpiana, A Wealthy Ancient City Destroyed by Greed

Kosovo is a relatively new nation, having declared its independence from Serbia in 2008, but its territory certainly has a rich history. The remarkable Roman and Byzantine site of Ulpiana, which was...