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The archeological site of Antongona             Source: Photo by Tom Brouns

Antongona and the Mystery of the Early Madagascans

Madagascar is an island nation off the southeast coast of Africa and is most famous for its exquisite environment and unique wildlife, especially lemurs . It is the 4 th largest island in the world...
Pulemelei Mound

The Perplexing Purpose of the Gigantic Pulemelei ‘Pyramid’ Mound of Samoa

One of the most important archaeological sites in Polynesia is the Pulemelei mound - the largest ancient monumental structure, not only in Samoa, but in the South Pacific. This monument, commonly...
Tayal Objects Taiwan, late 19th century. Royal Antario Museum

Niumatou Site: An Archaeological Preservation of Taiwan’s Lost Aborigines

As long as 5,500 years ago the Formosan, Taiwan’s indigenous peoples, lived in small settlements in relative isolation along the coastal terrace in the Taichung (formerly Niumatou) basin areas. The...