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Crowning the Victors at Olympia - Hieron of Syracuse and victors. Source: Public Domain

Top 10 Ancient Greek Athletes and their Sporting Achievements

In Ancient Greece, there was a special emphasis placed on sports and physical prowess. After all, this civilization gave birth to the famed Olympics, which still exist today. From spear throwing,...
Kushti mud wrestlers. Source: Michal Svec / Flickr.

Why Mud Wrestlers Give Up Everything for An Ancient Sport (Video)

Kushti is an ancient and revered mud-wrestling sport that has captivated sports fans in India for over 2,500 years. Today, there are many young athletes who still willingly sacrifice personal...
Ancient Greek-style illustration of naked Olympic runners. Source: sebos / Adobe Stock

Naked Olympics: Athletes at the Ancient Olympics Competed in the Nude

Can you imaging sitting down with the family to watch a group of naked men, with their olive oil-soaked bodies glistening in the sunshine, running around and flexing their muscles? A great deal has...
A Greek amphora showing athletes, 4th century BC. ©Trustees of the British Museum.

Mythbusting Ancient Rome: Did Christians Ban The Ancient Olympics?

Every two years, when the Winter or Summer Olympics comes around, we hear about how the games staged at Olympia in Greece since 776 BC came to a sudden end in the late fourth century AD. The finger...
Cambridge Women’s Crew, The Cancer Research UK Women's Boat Race 2017

Hard-Working Prehistoric Women Had Stronger Arms Than Modern Elite Athletes

The first study to compare ancient and living female bones shows that women from early agricultural eras had stronger arms than the rowers of Cambridge University’s famously competitive boat club...
Helen of Troy

Achieve Your “15 Minutes of Fame” & Ancient Lessons on How to be Famous: Celebrity Culture in the Ancient World

An early third century CE Greek inscription recovered from the ancient town of Oinoanda in southwest Turkey reveals that the Roman army relied on the services of Lucius Septimius Flavianus...
A Quadriga, with woman riding in a triumphal chariot. France.

Worshipers, Rule-Breakers and Champions: Women and the Ancient Greek Olympics

One of the aspects of culture regarded as distinctive to the ancient Greeks was their pursuit of sport. Apart from its function as the act of worship to Zeus, athletic competition, particularly at...
Pankratiasts fighting.

Pankration: A Deadly Martial Art Form from Ancient Greece

Pankration was one of the most popular combat sports in ancient Greece. It combined two other popular sports of antiquity, wrestling and boxing, but kicking was allowed as well. The name Pankration...