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Late 19th century drawings of the eagle and bull symbols published by French excavator Victor Place. 	Source: New York Public Library

Unknown Assyrian Symbols Solved as ‘Tag’ of Sargon II

Ancient symbols on a 2,700-year-old temple which have baffled experts for over a century have been explained by Trinity Assyriologist Dr Martin Worthington. The sequence of ‘mystery symbols’ were on...
The Lamassu that has been re-excavated in Iraq. Image Credit : Mustafa Yahya

Astonishing 2,700-Year-Old Assyrian Winged Deity Unearthed in Iraq

In a landmark discovery, archaeologists have re-excavated a magnificent lamassu at the ancient city of Khursbad, Iraq. The monumental sculpture, an embodiment of an Assyrian protective deity , is...