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The armor of Henry II, King of France, ca. 1555 AD. This is one of the most elaborate and complete French parade armors. The surfaces are covered by dense foliate scrolls inhabited by human figures and a variety of creatures that derive from the Italian. Weight: 53 lb. 4 oz. (24.20 kg). Source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Public Domain.

16 Insanely Cool Suits of Armor

We have likely all seen the stereotypical image of a knight in shining armor , but there is more to the world of armory than the steel plate armor we are often exposed to. Armor came in innumerable...
Bronze Corinthian helmet found in 5thcentury BC burial mound in, Taman Peninsula, Russia.

First Corinthian Helmet North of the Black Sea Has Been Discovered in Russia

The Russian RIA news agency has reported a remarkable find of an ancient Greek Corinthian helmet. The discovery was made in the Taman Peninsula in the southwest of Russia . The helmet was unearthed...
The helmet of a gladiator

Gladiator Helmets: Fit for Purpose, Not Just Protection

The gladiator is most likely the first image one calls to mind when thinking about entertainment in ancient Rome. As most would already know, gladiators fought either each other or wild animals, in...
Reconstruction of Chinese paper armor, on the right

Ancient Chinese Paper Armor Put to the Test – You Won’t Believe How Strong It Is!

While Greco-Roman civilization was developing in the West, an equally advanced and complex civilization was emerging in the land along the Yellow and Yangtze Rivers on the western coast of the...
Japanese parade helmet, made from iron, gilded copper, lacquered leather, silk

More Than Metal: Amazing Historical Suits of Armor

Armor was commonly used by warriors for protection during combat. In the history of warfare, various types of armor have been used. Some of these, such as the lorica segmentata of the Roman...
4,000-year-old Siberian knight armour made of bone

The discovery of 4,000-year-old Siberian knight armor made of bone

In September this year, archaeologists in Russia reported on the discovery of a suit of armor made entirely of bone, which belonged to an ancient Siberian knight who lived around four millennia ago...
Mycenaean Greeks in the Egyptian military of Ramesses

Did Mycenaean Greeks serve in the Egyptian military of Ramesses?

In the year 2006, news outlets all across the globe began to report of an extraordinary archaeological find from a Mycenaean palace located on the island of Salamis, the largest island within the...
Chinese Stone Armour

Stone armour found in the tomb of China's first emperor

Archaeologists have made a new discovery in the tomb of China’s first emperor , who is well-known for having the greatest mausoleum in the world and the incredible army of 8,000 terracotta warriors...