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Destroyed marble column at the monumental fountain at the ancient city of Apollonia in Albania. Source: Himara

Vandals Smash Monumental Fountain in Ancient Greek City of Apollonia

Vandals in Albania have destroyed a famous historical monument in ancient Apollonia causing “irreparable” damage. Founded in 588 BC by Greek colonists from Corfu and Corinth on a site where native...
Ruins of Apollonia, Albania

Apollonia, The Once Eminent Greek City

The ancient Greeks left an enduring legacy and influence the modern world to this day. Whether it be astrology , mathematics, biology , engineering, medicine or linguistics, nearly all of the...
Byzantine Coins and Gold

Rare Byzantine Coins and Gold Uncovered in Ancient Garbage Pit

Archaeologists have found a hoard of ancient coins, lamps, jewellery, and other artefacts in a Byzantine refuse pit uncovered near the ancient city of Apollonia-Arsuf in Israel. The ancient garbage...