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Today, oysters are consumed as an aphrodisiac. Source: Ricky / Adobe Stock.

10 of the Weirdest Things Consumed as Aphrodisiacs

These days if someone needs a little help getting in the mood, they are likely to use wine, chocolate, oysters, or maybe even certain pharmaceuticals. But what about our ancestors? Well, across...
Pufferfish – also known as the blowfish or fugu. Source: ftlaudgirl / Adobe Stock.

Ancient People Consumed Highly Toxic Blowfish as an Aphrodisiac

The allure of aphrodisiacs stretches far back into the annals of human history. These mysterious substances, believed to enhance sexual desire and performance, were often sourced from nature's most...
Spanish fly has garnered a reputation as a powerful aphrodisiac. Source: Mr. Bolota / Adobe Stock

There’s a Historic Misconception That ‘Spanish Fly’ is an Aphrodisiac

Cultures across the world and throughout history have attributed Spanish fly with aphrodisiacal qualities, used to cure erectile dysfunction , generate desire and enhance sexual performance. Even...
Comparison of Ferula drudeana plants with representations of silphion. Source: CC BY 4.0

Ancient Aphrodisiacal and ‘Cure-All’ Plant Rediscovered!

Pliny the Elder claimed Emperor Nero consumed the last stalk of silphion, which was believed to have gone extinct almost 2000 years ago. But now, a Turkish professor claims to have identified the...
A medieval couple embrace. Source: diter / Adobe Stock

The Aphrodisiacs that Spiced Up Sex Lives in the Ancient World

Sex is a primal urge humans share with animals. In the ancient world, human fertility had implications for safety and prosperity. However, as the search for birth control methods went hand in hand...
Detail from Alcibiades Wounded. Source: Jean-Charles Nicaise Perrin / Public Domain.

The Rise and Fall of Man: The Long History of Impotence Causes and Cures

Male impotence, commonly known as erectile dysfunction, is known today to have many causes, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, post-prostatectomy procedures, neurological or psychological...
Stalk of basil.

Sacred Plant of Eternal Love and Healing: The Mythology and Magic of Basil

In Mediterranean cuisine it is the symbol of summer and its origins are lost in the mists of time. Fragrant and delicate with its green leaves it manages to tantalize the most demanding palates, it...