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Detail of the manuscript which Queen Elizabeth I is believed to have translated. (Lambeth Palace Library) Insert: Detail of the Sieve Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I (1583) by Quentin Metsys the Younger. (Public Domain)

Queen Elizabeth I Unveiled As ‘Messy’ Translator of Roman Text

A famous 16th century work from the reigns of Tiberius through to Nero (14-68 AD) has been preserved at Lambeth Palace Library for over 400 years at the official London residence of the Archbishop of...
Ancient Volcanic Data - Ireland

Ancient Knowledge from Irish Manuscripts Used to Track Volcanic Activity and Climate Change

Using voluminous data left behind by our ancestors, modern scientists have discovered a correlation between volcanic activity and periods of bitterly cold weather in Ireland. They uncovered this...
Quedlinburg Castle and Monastery, Quedlinburg, Germany where the Annals of Quedlinburg were written.

The Annals of Quedlinburg: Rare Example of Female Scholarship in Medieval Europe

Mention medieval scholarship , and the first image that most people will have would probably be that of a monk with a quill in his hand and an open book before him. The most well-known scholars of...