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ancient writings

From the Codex Mendoza — a father teaches his son the art of war, and a mother teaches her daughter house chores. The speech is in the scroll glyph. (Public Domain)

Codex Mendoza: A Glimpse into the Aztec World

Ever wanted to step back in time to the days of the Aztecs? With the Codex Mendoza, you can. Reading this document takes you back to the mid-16th century, shortly after the Spanish conquest of Mexico...
The Biblioteca Ambrosiana in Milan undergoing imaging to reveal the hidden text. Source: Lumiere Technology/Pascal Cotte and Salvatore Apicella

Manuscript Containing Missing Details of Ptolemy’s Meteoroscope Decrypted

A parchment, part of a larger manuscript found in the library of the Bobbio Abbey in Italy, is believed to be authored by ancient Greek mathematician, astronomer, and geographer Claudius Ptolemy. It...
Tel Arad fortress, source of the ostracon that led to the Biblical-era mystery.  Source: Public Domain

Israeli Forensic Police Investigator Helps Solve Bible-era Mystery

Research on ancient writings in Israel may have solved a long-standing Bible-era mystery. Researchers have shown that literacy was much more common than previously assumed among the ancient Hebrews...