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Pyramid in Bosnia

Pyramid in Bosnia


In the town of Visoko in Bosnia stands one of the largest pyramids—only this pyramid is in the form of a hill. The hill is comprised of all the necessary elements needed to classify it as a pyramid: four shaped slopes with a flat apex.

The discovery of the Pyramid took place in October 2005, when an entrance and underground tunnels were discovered by archaeologist Semir Osmanagic after six months of excavations. Although the excavations are not yet complete and the pyramid rock walls are not visible, it is believed to be an ancient step pyramid going back 12,000 years. If this is proven to be accurate then it will officially be the oldest known pyramid in the world and will radically transform our current understanding of the origin of civilization.

Egyptian archaeologists who joined the expedition in 2006 published a report in which they do not exclude the possibility that the pyramid is man-made and not a natural formation. Russian experts agree that it is man-made, while westerners have kept silent on the subject.

Some geologists and archaeologists believe the whole thing is a hoax and nothing more than a natural geological formation. Furthermore, there have been efforts by orthodox archaeologists to shut down Semir Osmanagic and his excavations, creating speculation as to whether he may have indeed found something so old that it would shake the foundations of archaeology as we know it. Thankfully, a court case in 2011 decided in favour of the excavations, and so they have resumed.

Excavations continue today. A paved terrace has been uncovered, as well as other man-made structures. If you would like to participate in the excavations as a volunteer, you can check here for details.

Visoko is definitely an interesting place to visit, even more so if you participate in the excavations. You may even become part of an extraordinary discovery that will change history as we know it.

By John Black

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is perhaps a water maser? Would this electromagnetic beam have been a protection against cosmic radiation when the O3 layer was collapsed? Perhaps a protection from perchlorate formed when the O3 collapsed? Perchlorate strips iodine from soil necessary for all life. Calcium (mussel shells) interacts with hydrogen sulfide (earth gas from ocean beds emitted during catastrophes) to null it. On the Atlantic shores of N & S America are ring enclosures of 9 foot walls of shells 300 foot wide. A protective wall against the hydrogen sulfide rolling in?

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