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Khemitology - Egypt

Khemitology- An Alternative Perspective on Ancient Egypt - Part 2


The ancient Egyptians revered the star Sirius as a giver of life, as it always reappeared at the time of the annual flooding of the Nile. When Sirius sank in the west and disappeared from the night sky, it remained hidden for 70 days before emerging in the east in the morning. This was viewed as a time of ending and renewal.  In fact, the Khemitians never spoke of death ---but, rather of “westing”.   They knew that we are ultimately immortal, and are in a constant state of change…or transformation.

The Egyptian five-pointed star represented the five elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. It also represented the five stages of the sun during the day. The Neter, Nut, represented the sky, and below you can see her give birth to the sun, symbolized as “Kheper”, and see this sun making its journey through her body (the sky) until she swallows it, again.

1.     KHEPER, the Driller, symbolized by the winged scarab. It is the first phase of emergence, of coming into being. This is the age that we are in the process of entering now. The sun is rising up over the horizon, revealing much that was previously hidden during the previous age of separation, duality and darkness.


2.     Ra, the Stubborn, the impetuous youthful male. Naturally linked with Aries the Ram, Ra represents an age increased learning and development.



3.     Oon (from where our word “noon” was derived), the Wise One. The Sun is at its zenith in the sky. Civilization advances steadily, with the knowledge that we thrive when we live in resonance with our environment and each other.



4.  Aten, the Wiser. The The Sun is at its maturity, in middle to late afternoon. Civilization has reaches its highest state of being. Humanity vibrates in higher dimensions and peaks technologically and spiritually, naturally resonating with their environment.



5.     Amen or Amun, the Sun becomes the Hidden One as it is swallowed by NUT and vanishes. This is the age we have been experiencing for centuries. Civilization devolves into a dualistic world of polarities, where knowledge and wisdom can be easily manipulated and hidden from us.


From the Age of Kheper to the Age of Aten, we are in the process of raising our levels of awareness; however, as we dip into the Age of Amen, we devolve, and lose touch with our higher sensibilities.  During the stage of Aten, we achieve our highest levels of consciousness, and possess what we would call “godlike” abilities and qualities. Existing in a higher dimensional reality, the Khemitian civilization would have had no need for oral or written language. Communication via frequency, would have reached its purest form, on a “heart to heart” basis, promoting an environment of  peace and prosperity –as defined by the word, Hotep.

We are currently moving out of the Cycle of Amen, a Dark Age or lower vibrational, polarized three dimensional reality. The truths of our unlimited potentials have been concealed from us, as we navigate a dualistic world of dark and light energies, of feelings of separation from a “God” and from each other.

In early 2011, the world watched as Egypt’s people gathered together, as peacefully as possible, effecting massive change there in just 18 days! Their initial victories garnered support for similar causes worldwide. 

The continuing “People’s Revolution” in Egypt is a beautiful reflection of a huge global awakening, as more people are wiping the sleep out of their eyes and beginning to see through the finely woven webs of deceit and manipulation. The people of Egypt and other countries are uniting to stand up for their basic human rights—and their efforts are stimulating an enormous revelation of wide scale corruption throughout all levels of government and industrial hierarchies.

We are now preparing to leave the darkness and enter into the Age of Kheper.  The veil is being lifted, and the game of the polarities is coming to a close.  We are beginning to see our world from a higher and broader perspective, recognizing the impact of our interaction with our natural environment. This is an exciting time to be alive!

The wisdom and knowledge of the ancients could have vast implications for us in this NOW moment.  Our present day earth and its inhabitants have been gravely endangered by our synthetic technologies—including volatile nuclear power plants. If we could completely understand and unveil the knowledge that the Khemitians possessed of free and natural generation of energy, the corruption inspired by a world economy based on oil and the ravaging of our planet could end. It would initiate an amazing New Dawn of existence and hope for us all.

We invite everyone, from all walks of life, and all areas of expertise to combine their efforts with us on this vital mission of hope and discovery!

Part 1

By Patricia Awyan

The Khemit School of Ancient Mysticism (KSAM) is an open forum, with free membership, for all who wish to learn, teach, research and share about everything relating to  Khemit.  Continuing the teachings, sharing and research of Abd’el Hakim Awyan, his family still resides in the home he built for them at the very base of the Giza Plateau in Nazlet el Saman, Giza, Egypt.



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Thank you for sharing your experience about this very high culture that has disappeared with time. I hope that we can learn more from this vanished race ! They used implosion energy systems which were non-polluting and always free and available! 

Joseph A Saunders

I’m writing this to share my open minded views of God which I know to be. This is so interesting! I just wanted to thank the author for giving me these things.

4 years! For 4 long years this article has waited for a comment by a reader. What can I say? I am absolutely stunned by its contents. Hence ....

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